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The great pleasure of speaking with Shawki Mirror Roshii Japanese Soto Zen priest and revered writer and translator. Okay Miro, she is also the founder and current Abbot of the Sunshine Zan Community in, Bloomington Indiana. In this conversation you, he accumulated row. She tell powerful stories, not only from his own life, but from the lives of his teaches zen master Kosho Gucci in the Great Kodo Suwalki Roshii, one of the most influential Sodas and teaches of the twentieth century. Off camera she explains the emphasis on Zan of a monastic rituals within his lineage drawing parallels to both duggan's teachings as well as he's on personal encounters with Zan. You'll also hear how this emphasis on Zane has played out in his development as a practitioner as well as his development as a translator. I so much enjoyed this conversation and I hope you. You mentioned that you discovered a book that.

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