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Ed Bloomberg Dot. com on the Bloomberg business APP and Bloomberg take. This is Bloomberg radio. These Bloomberg Daybreak Asia other than. The US China relations. Big Out there. People's Bank of China doesn't appear to have been MAC aggressive in terms of its monetary policy, cody and the risk of drawdown are high risk matters. Investors are looking to twenty twenty one because it seems clearer than what we're going for the rest of the twenty twenty s. Daybreak. Asia. Live from Hong Kong and your on Bloomberg radio. And Good morning to our audience in Hong Kong and across the Asia Pacific I'm Juliet Solly in Singapore Bloomberg Daybreak Asia is presented by interactive brokers. They charge margin loan rates from as low as one point five, nine percent rates subject to change. You can learn more at IB K. R., dot com slash compare them. We are looking ahead to the Fed. Let's see how markets are reacting what they did on Wall Street and get over to Bloomberg's Doug Krizner who's in New York Doug. We positively in tech shares today helping to send the Nasdaq composite higher by one point, two percent computer gaming stocks were one of the standouts activision blizzard was up more than three percent today take two interactive. By more than two and a half percent in the broader market though we had some late day weakness in tech stocks are rather in financial shares that helped take the S. and p. five hundred from the best levels of the day we did end higher though by about a half of one percent where the Dow was concerned and essentially flat reading we had some news after the bell we'll talk about Fedex. Momentarily, Adobe reported revenue above estimates after the bell this is kind of a sign of robust..

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