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Dt pass it's like oh my god these guys can score and they can play i mean we knew crates you was skill we knew berge skilled we probably didn't know that marcia was an mvp nine of player although he was thirty goal scorer for quotas well i mean early even early on with while to get going we might be the guy who has who has changed the most from the beginning of his career till now i mean berge ron is now put together thirty goal seasons when you think of him as a great defensive forward but marchant well he was the first team all nhl leftwing last year he was considered one of the five one of the three best forwards in the national hockey league and he was a second round pick and he was like a fourth liner and like a scrappy guy that's nice nicely he's got fight little guy he's getting in their face like that's that's great and then all of a sudden like oh no he has the ability to be if he was healthy this year slash didn't get suspended he would've had one hundred points season like for your point a game like he was way over a point a game so he would have if he played even if he played in seventy five eighty games he probably would have scored one hundred point and we talk about to having something to prove forget about that he's the guy to prove in the postseason now this is a complete aside because i just said you don't see a lot of fighting in hockey you know what you really don't see ever you don't see bench clearing brawls they don't happen there was another one in baseball today you have many many more bench clearing brawls in baseball and involve toilet is just going to say it was there wasn't it was with his hands up colorado and but anyway it was it was one of those we call them purse wingers you know with the pitcher throws his club at the batter who's charging out from the batter's box and he dachshund misses the glove you're thinking of arod slapping bronze nobody gets hurt ever even with the wilds hands that are thrown nobody gets every once in a while.

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