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The way it is fat interaction. You know some of the way these ones like you going to the toilet and you'd be still dire pay tolkien C. And he told you fight to three minutes finished now just. I just want to go out and you get called it just. He's just like it's really bizarre. Really Rantel just keep talking and then sometimes you know Sapporo components acting oversee just paint and you want to shake your on before you even washed it say so many things but I want to keep my job so I'm not gonNA say anything right. Meridian lost lusted. Oh Okay shocker crate doing but can you correctly spell? Danny's surname G. G. I. N. B. O. W. Forum said it too quickly Donna. Reid did ain't no. It wasn't right for to shock defense. That's how my name is pronounced taking ball if you pronounce the spout in both of bull posh name I'm thank you for. It's a TA Rome. With Mrs Kay is a book. It wasn't you know just trying to get the taste of it it. Thank you very much to sack. Saakashvili's ten in hand on the streets of Boston. A lovely weekend We'll be back soon so then provide..

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