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This is the thom hartmann broke row marvin here with you and very happy to have on the line with us christine hong she's the associate professor executive board member of the korea policy institute associate professor university california's santa cruz the website k policy dot org the so mm along dirty history a u s warmongering against north korea's her most recent article in the progressive christine welcome back to the program then kradan come great to have you with us so what's your sense of what is actually going on right now in north korea and in terms of our the united states's responds to it and the rest of the world response why pay that what's happening on in north korea a campaign that north korea had stated that it would pursue down north korea has become an it had in mind could argue for some time now a facto power on armed it had persisted vic aimed at very steadfastly very predicted wafer again if conquered portrait that my career being totally unpredictable i pray that riyadh had been completely predictable in it precluded as a nuclear weapon and it it did pre eve in the wake of a number of thing so are out there that in terms of the long history which is something that most people united states pay very little heed here you know that back dropped q all un north korea relation in fact on ending korean war the korean war which started at mid century and the twentieth century had not yet been resolved a peace treaty and on admit country the united states actively threaten north korea with nuclear annihilation and in fact in the army general macarthur adult and i met and interviewed it has interviewed are published passionately i should say and he indicated that he wanted to ashley bomb the area between north korea and china with anywhere from thirty to fifty atomic bomb and create an area a cobalt down where no life could live or at least one hundred years and everything fan mike in violation of the armistice agreement the nike fifty three armistice agreement the united states and hold the early 1990s actually deployed nuclear weapons could fat and part of the korean peninsula on a postcold war period i'm just a moment i wonder if this this is it's okay racine is this the and.

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