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Brought to you at six by the New England Honda dealers returning now to our top story, it appears that notorious mob boss Whitey Bolger died, a violent death behind bars. WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe reports Bolger had just been transferred to a West Virginia facility yesterday. CBS news reports one or more of Whitey Bulger's fellow inmates severely beat the eighty nine year old's not long after he arrived at the Hazelton prison. He was found unresponsive by staff. Life's. Saving measures were initiated, but Bolger was pronounced dead or short time later Suffolk law. Professor rosanna. Cavallero says there have been calls for investigations about. How prisoners are held at Hazelton after two murders there in the last year, we have to be able to guarantee people's physical safety, even when they're serving a sentence, and that's just unacceptable. We have people in conditions where they are accessible to the brutal deadly violent act of other prisoners. We've got to fix that. That's like a third world prison that shouldn't happen. Kim Tunnicliffe WBZ News Radio ten thirty Kim. The brother of one of Bulger's alleged victims is quite happy with the news of his death. WBZ TV's Bill shields with more on that. Is it a trick or a treat? I wanna know which one it is Steve Davis was downright giddy. Today. The man who allegedly killed his sister was dead. The final chapter two. The victims. He hurt victims families. This is Deborah Davis in nineteen Eighty-one. She was Steve lemme girlfriend and Fleming was partners in crime with Whitey Bulger. But when Davis learn too much about their business, it is widely thought that Bolger strangled. Deborah Davis to death. In court here at the federal courthouse in Boston. Of course, Bolger was charged with nineteen homicides convicted of eleven Rico, murders, money laundering, and more. We also heard today from Voltaire attorney, j w Carney. He says his life sentence was changed to the death penalty because of decisions made by the Federal Bureau of prisons. We'll have more throughout the evening here on WBZ news and on Dan Rae. Nightside program. Also today a solemn visit by the president and first lady at the tree of life synagogue in Pittsburgh. They're paying respects to the eleven Jews. Slaughtered there on Saturday. CBS's David no describes the scene president. And the first.

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