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Players became a little bit more thoughtful, a little bit more engaged in their business and I don't have that always. Always been the case. Do you think the players should always felt that way, but had no avenue of working that out well in in in a way, I mean it was first of all, but in a way best way to look at, it might be more once told the I conducted about ten hours of interviews for Cornell Law School of of Marvin and I asked essentially that same kind of question play a core likely. I got the one of the biggest issues you had to confront. And he said something which had stuck with me and I Got I got about. Hard and I think he had the nail right on the head. He said his. Problem I got the job was in leading. Making the players have better self esteem. The players didn't think they value. Dan Spent, so much time being told by management. Go out and when you know you're replaceable, not gonNA. Give you any money. We don't need you. We're the we're base that they actually felt like almost like an inferior product in the sport, and not really the very center of and some more than said the hardest thing he had do to overcome this lack of self esteem. At the players had when he first got there, and so he focused on satellite. He wanted play to feel proud of they were i Tony Card always quotes me about every goes anywhere about. About something! I One said in the speech that he was attending. But you know we don't know the exact numbers because it goes back to eighteen seventy one but baseball commissioner. Of Major Leagues began for purposes of keeping statistics records, and they made nine, hundred, sixty, nine eight. Put together historical commission. That concluded baseball should be regarded. The major leagues should be regarded as having begun eighteen, seventy six with the creation of the national. League of Professional Baseball Clubs. Mateen seventy six is one hundred forty four years ago. In those hundred and forty four years fewer than nineteen thousand human beings have played one day of baseball. Nineteen thousand people in one hundred and forty four years. If you want to call the AMA. Tomorrow more and say how many surgeons are there and the United States? Who are members of the IMAX? Get within in order you know, but those were not, but how many servings they would tell you one hundred ninety thousand. Ten Times more people who are surgeons today. And a played a game baseball, one hundred forty four years. These are very rare people. Mauldin understood that and he wanted them to understand. and. It was a message I. tried to get the players. Because of what more told me all the time you know, be proud of what you can do. No nobody can do this. Everybody thinks that can guy words knee playing days of this? But A. Few of the nineteen thousand people at one, hundred hundred and fifty years. That's that's a rare breed as a ram breed of a of artist. These guys are special. They have to have to feel that way. They have to understand. No I'm not this piece of Chattel not this guy. You can maneuver Take advantage of I'm not some stupid Jock I'm a major league baseball player, and there aren't very many of us. I am one of getting those players to feel proud is really really important. In terms of not only marlins dropped doing it. Today and everyday it's it's..

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