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Well, if you've been listening to show, you know that we're coming to you from or certainly focusing on the state of West Virginia, and we opened the hour with John Denver's Very, very big hit called Take Me Home Country roads. I'm delighted to be joined by Michael Lipton. He's the director of the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame, and we're gonna talk about some special exhibits They have up but first we were talking Michael before the show. And you told me that that famous song Take me home Country roads. Not exactly about West Virginia. What's What's the history on that? Well, The mainstream writer of the song Build an off and his wife Happy We're driving. I think to Maryland Anyhow, they were they were on the border. And they wanted to write a folk song and long story short. Virginia didn't fit Massachusetts almost fit. But it was West Virginia that one And it's now one of our state songs and, interestingly enough, none of the geographic references are in West Virginia. And how do I know that our band backed up build an off in Paul Paul, West Virginia. Well, that's a whole nother story. Think Michael let me focus on the way the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame. It is based in the capital, Charleston, West Virginia. You are the director and I understand you grew up in Miami, but you've been living in West Virginia about 40 years. What will I find when I When I come to the Music Hall of Fame and I want Oh, I wanted to look particularly some of your current exhibits for folks who might be coming there this summer. Well, we are, You know, there's not all states have Hall of fame and they're coming. You know, different varieties were the West Virginia variety. We're kind of Ah, small nonprofit, but As balls have struggled. We have a particularly progressive one in downtown Charleston or innovative one. I think trying to fill the gaps and so we now have two Storefronts in the mall, and they're really wonderful there. One is right across the aisle from the other one is the West Virginia Museum of Music. The other is the proper Hall of Fame, which features all of our inductive and you'll see Displays about music from the coal fields. We have, uh, we have displays for each of our eight. Uh, classes of induct ease, starting from 2000 and seven. We have lots of memorabilia. We have an incredible painting that Bill Withers commissioned from African American painter. Ernie Barnes about his song Grandma's hands. We have Hazel Dick and stand up bass, and she was just a total ground breaker and the term and been bluegrass and You know women in bluegrass, um all kinds of instruments and old Victrola says. It's a fascinating the spinal Emily Michael. We only got a minute left. But I think of bluegrass when I think of West Virginia, having lived in Washington, D C for a long time and having gone to bluegrass festivals and West Virginia. Can you give me 30 seconds on that? Yeah, well, that's where a lot of people think of country bluegrass, traditional gospel. One of the things I wanted to do with stretch those borders, and there's a large history of opera of rock of soul of You know, every kind of music just like every other state. One Quick one is Jack Rollins from West Virginia wrote Frosty the Snowman and Peter Kahn tell him and he's a West Virginia man. Yeah. Mm hmm. That is another quick, quick 12 of the founding members of Parliament Funkadelic were from West Virginia. All right, All right. Now, you just gotta get John Denver to start. You know someone to save. Oh, turns out John Denver was born in West Virginia. Well, you don't have to be born here, but It doesn't hurt. And very briefly is when is the museum open? Is it seven days a week like him all? No, it's all were Friday,.

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