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The trump people so horrible is they are rat fucking on steroids. Because this is the projection rat fucking. They did all the dirty tricks deal the election. They turn around and accused our side of doing what they did it. It's almost too complicated. It's enough to make your head explode. So it'll be interesting to get don siegelman take on that and find out who he thinks might be worse. you know if it was if it is karl rove who went after him who got him. Good tell you that. Or someone like roger stone in the rest of the cabal that surrounds the former guy. Speaking of part of the cabal that surrounds the former guy. It's great timing because today. Yes this morning This morning the feds rated rudolph giuliani's upper east side new york city apartment and his office building on park avenue. I love this hakim jeffries. Who is trying to position himself to succeed. Nancy pelosi as speaker of the house. I'll reserve judgment on that. Well i know where i stand but we'll go into that another day because i don't have time today. But how came. Jeffries tweeted quote. It's official rudy. Giuliani is now under federal criminal investigation. Yeah so here's the story rudy's apartment on the upper east side and park avenue office building where bolts searched by the feds devices at the crux of the probe. Investigators have been trying to figure out whether giuliani lobbied trump illegally for favors spur ukrainian oligarchs who are helping him sniff out. Biden controversies one of the key. Questions has been whether he was paid for trying to persuade trump to oust. Us ambassador. Marie ubon bitch. We remember marie-yvonne bit. She was one of the heroes of the impeachment. Her testimony was jaw-dropping. It was just just great and you know. Donald trump always threatened by any strong woman. Anybody who who'd stand up to her. Well there's more. Let me tell you. More harry. Littman tweeted out. Hold the phone. Fbi now at advert victoria. Ten things house. Oh now victoria tensing. It's a lawyer. Wife and partner of joseph degen uva same circles is rudy and trump. This has the hallmarks of a bigger day at doj. And she's probably not expecting it on like rudy. So not only did they re raid rudy giuliani's apartment and office but victoria tensing and joseph degen. Remember they were going to join his defense team and then like the next day said no. We're not and i don't know what that was about whether it was just. They didn't wanna lose their lucrative fox contributor jobs because they get money for that and they probably knew that that donald trump is a notorious shirker in other words. He doesn't pay his bills. So i don't know but there's a lot going on here and yes so this is good. This is good news about something that that judged in obviously a judge cleared the way for these raids carried out and they've got rudy's phones and computers and all right so that's going on hoping to get some bit of justice. Another judge made a ruling this one in north carolina. This one. i'm not so happy about superior court. Judge jeff foster today ruled that today issued a decision to not publicly released the bodycam footage of the fatal april twenty first shooting when when cops in elizabeth city north carolina shot and killed andrew brown. Junior remember it was. I was just yesterday. His family was supposed to see the video. They go to the courthouse or the police station or wherever it was they. Were supposed to see it and they were told. We're not ready for you yet. We have to redact some of the footage which is nonsense because this is not the media. This is not the public. This is the family of the man made killed and so they had to wait so when they finally waited they were finally brought in and shown twenty seconds of video. Twenty seconds when the video started shots had already been fired so the shooting was in processed in progress they have. They didn't have any context. They didn't get to see what precipitated it. They didn't get to see what happened before the shots were fired. They were shown twenty seconds and even at the twenty seconds. They said what they witnessed in. That twenty seconds was an execution now. The judge says no no video for you. We are not gonna show you. What's on this video. i'm. I'm sorry that's just that's just flat out wrong so now i'm hearing well we may get to see it. Let me see. If i can't find this other story that i was just looking at now. I can't find it. We may get to see it after thirty days. But they're saying the judge said his decision not to release. This footage was based based on. I can't make this up. Was based on the footage potentially affecting a fair trial if there was to be one and possibly jeopardizing the safety of the deputies in question now remember there were like seven cops and i don't have the exact information in front of me but there were seven officers suspended. A few were fired their stuff going on here and and for them to say. Nobody is seeing this video. I i think what is on. That tape is devastating and by not showing it to us. You know what we can conjure up in our imaginations. What we think happened is going to be worse than what did happen. Maybe or maybe not. Maybe it's just so horrific that i certainly don't want to see it but we need to see this stuff and i'll tell you something. This story comes out. And and then i see this one and i wasn't even looking for it but let me show you this today. April twenty eighth daily beast one fifty two. Pm eastern time bodycam footage shows fatal chicago. Shooting of anthony alvarez. This is never ending a police watchdog agency in chicago. Released chilling footage today of a cop fatally shooting twenty two.

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