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Is going to be a i think there's a lot of interest in bringing him back but you know i don't know philosophically if they're gonna be willing to pay thirteen dollars a year which i think probably and i think you be stupid not to ask for thirty i don't think is going get thirty but he's yeah that's so yeah i don't know this feels like against the best opportunity to just go ahead ask joey gallo is not projected to make the major league roster doesn't look like but he is you know sort of close he's there is one of the big upside young players left and jerks profar is expected to if not start then play regularly profar last year i would say disappointed in the he didn't really it didn't show any progress although he still incredibly young joey gallo had sort of a down season in the minors what is your feeling about the current status of of those two and how much are i guess to wear extend their stuff is really drop in last year's yeah these first trade upstart goes it probably has drops for now because earlier in the in the in the progress you have that love love of hype under prospects you didn't we're going to get and then obviously think if they grow into a sure it'll be more but i think it's a completely different story for both guys i think once profar is given like okay you are if he left fielder or your the shortstop you're the guy i think he's going to be fine i think we're going to see really begin to thrive he's he's a smart player he's got the ability to kind of play anywhere you don't city would prefer to play shortstop but he he could play anywhere on the field except pitch during catcher and and he pitched a little league so i think he's going to be fine go i think is more of a room risk the may be more upside because he has forty five to fifty home run power but he with goat's edmonton i think he was so good it growing up and his parents probably you know i mean if you get a kid that's hitting home runs.

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