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Back with Jeremy Corbelli. Jeremy we heard a clip from Mickey Rourke narrating your film. You know? That's that seems like that's quite a coup to get that guy is he a UFO guy. How did you get it? Yeah. Not not really a UFO guy. Look your he's a heavy hitter. That nobody thought I could do it. Nobody thought I could do any of this. I just wanna say, I don't just produce the movies, man. This is like in the Arturas style. Meaning I am fanatical controlling every frame. You know, this I film. I edit I do audio getting Mickey was because of a personal friendship. We we go to the same. I call it church the same tattoo shop, Mark Mahoney's shamrock social club on Sunset Boulevard. That's where we met I filmed with him before kinda tried to stab me in the ribs with the stiletto knife that time, but whatever I met him before. And we I'm not kidding. And we did talk a little bit about UFO's because you know, Mark Mahoney is really an idol, you know, he brings people together in this cosmic. Jason. And there was Mickey. So I heard him talk. And when I realized I was going to be able to make this movie and all my gosh. Everybody's telling me how I could fail. That's why I never told myself I was gonna fail because everybody else was telling me I'm gonna fail. I heard this voice, and the voice of a rabble, Matt. It's voice somebody who doesn't care, and it's a it's a guy willing to take risks. And this is Mickey Rourke. I mean, he was he was literally the first voice that I heard him. I had I wrote the script for him and on safe. And then the funniest thing is that he never received it. You know, you go through these managers in ages never received it, and I bumped into him I called Mickley Trump didn't do him in the shop. And I said, hey, man, Vicky did did you ever get the script, and he was pissed that he never got it. I think that's what made him do it. And yeah, he did it as a favor, and you know, he's gonna do the I was going to say I mean, his he's in a unique strata that would be a pretty pricey proposition. It would seem beyond what the budget of a regular UFO related documentary can handle it elevates it on so many levels. I mean, don't get me wrong. People don't understand this. I'm an independent filmmaker. My credit cards are maxed out. I put everything on the line. I mean, this is real when I tell you I do that, you know, and he didn't do it for free. But what my goal would still have been in this genre from day. One was first to learn the truth about UFO's second was to uplift visual medium of documentary filmmaking in this complex subject and to elevated on all levels. And I gotta tell ya. I've achieved both my dreams so far this is elevated it's got Mickey Rourke on mazing soundtrack artwork. I am proud of this. So let's talk about how. You gained access to Lazar. So you've you know after meeting Lear spending time with Lear hearing the Lazar stories from John Lear, you must have been salivating. I know that that was one of the first subjects when you came to to meet me is what we talked about. And I told you well, good luck. Because Bob would talk to you or not. It's really depends on what else is going on in his life at that time. But in general, he doesn't do interviews anymore. Every few years. I would twist his army at him to do it. But in general, he doesn't do it. You did it you got it. I did. And I'd like to say, it's my charming personality and my good books..

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