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DOW, GM, Westchester discussed on 10 10 WINS 24 Hour News


The week for the down session Dow dropped one hundred thirty three GM reportedly is bringing back the Hummer twins news on nine twenty one traffic transit for us Meyer will go to Westchester first of south and sent a Bronx river parkway just past the cross county got word of a crash yeah I guess is that you're okay down of the cross Bronx the cross Bronx that Degan the broker all doing okay and we are finally looking at the Hutch in much better shape come in South bounding towards Barczewo Avenue to gun hill road crash had that all backed up for well over an hour so here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels it's a trouble free now the Throggs neck of the white stone of the R. F. K. bridges also all three Hudson River crossing should be ten minutes or less into and out of Manhattan we're still looking at a crash in queens on the eastbound side of the Grand Central just past the L. I eat right lane is closed off a bit of a back up as a result I could see and ways slow traffic on the I. east through queens from Grand Avenue out towards the van with the outbound goal one is seizing up nicely coming in towards thirty nine following a stalled vehicle the belt parkway is fine further east as we see a long island's big three you can go on the allied northern state and southern state not that it's out of the three parking rules are in effect for tomorrow I'm Russ Meyer export nine thirty one on ones news time nine twenty two infant twins found unresponsive in queens have died a boy and a girl they were at the landing family shelter on Ditmars Boulevard this guy was there as they were taken away to Amherst hospital eight out of come out the baby was on the spot.

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