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So that would be know your typical issued a form they mentioned in there any kind of insignias our swords or thing you have like that so that something might wanna can take into consideration of course any of these abductions you need to reduce by any allowances that they are given to you so one of the things your wrapping up your military service if you leave the military look for work you may be able to duck some of the job research expenses and you may be too unclear the cost of travel preparing in a resume and job placement agency fees as well as moving expenses so decide to lebed military you also have the ability to take advantage of both the search for new job as well as the moving expenses related to finding that job now for tax help for members of our military you can certainly go to publication three as i talked about or you can go to the irsgov and get some assistance there is well one of these other areas i will tell you that i've that i've pointed so my customers and clients to is ns military one source military one source told police were uh uh go and get additional assistance in the event that you need it for he ambling any of your tax related questions related to the military so i hope this was helpful for everyone in because this area that more unusual area to discuss because you not not everyone is affected by this with no with it being veteran's they i thought it would be a great idea to take a few minutes of nikos discussion and again joe from asraf in our staff i just wanted to thank everyone who is serving in the military were has who has served in the military and all those people who schurbon home and that's the family members of those in need of tonga's fortunate enough that oldest son became a member of the military and so he's doing.

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