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Victor webster was the star of mutiny. X which is i think a fake x men. Tv show from canada. Twenty years ago it was the x. Men tv show until marvel said. I'm going to sue you because you don't have the rights to an x men. Tv show fox and so they just named mutant accent changes to character names and went away. How appropriate a fake x men is now in this state romero movie but okay. Everyone gets on the chopper and gets away. And that's pretty much it. i don't again. i'm left questioning about. I guess no one died from overdoses of their implants. But what's going to happen with them. Mortality. and and what have you. I guess that got left in the basement right. Like when hancock got gunned down the people that killed them had no idea the value of what he was holding they left. Yeah because the military firebombs the building and then we get that scene says ninety three minutes later And apparently the sub basement is immune to firebombing as it's merely dark and wet but not burn to crisps and there's bodies all around and somewhere down there handcock is he's running around and they just shoot him. They don't know who he is. They said they're gonna come back for the body later. They just shoot him now. Matter of fact they said somebody will eat them so they're not even concerned about him or what he had so if there is to be a follow up to this movie i suppose that could be a plotline. They pick up on. Is that the cure to all. This is somewhere in a basement hallway of the quarantine zone or in the belly of zombie and good luck finding that While there's no dead rising three but justin stewart director manned. Dead rising and game justin. You know this one did feel a little more competent. At least in the way it was made in the way it looked it has a shorter runtime. But then to the day i just. I didn't have any fun with this one. At least the last time around. I know rob riggle was there and he didn't over perform and didn't add much. I did like that idea of cutting back and forth from the events to people reporting on the events. I kind of wish they would have brought that trope back in somehow not necessarily even bringing back rob riggle and that set they could have done something else to show us the difference between what was going on on the inside and on the outside and how is being reported so that being missing made this feel like a different movie and without data element. It just felt like a zombie movie. Zombie movie in two thousand sixteen in a in a world where we really have to walking dead shows on every week and we've had a myriad of other zombie movies and this one is just not doing anything with that. There's nothing here for zombie fan to latch onto zombie. Land comes round twisted a little bit and says hey can be funny and still be scary. This one is just fallen back into zombies. And here's a plot. You can kind of maybe understand so just have fun watching it because it really kinda just drops the idea this being based on a video game you know i mean we get a few things here and there but the last movie they were throwing nice little things on screen to remind us of the game you know we had. The mega man bought helmet. We had the drinking the oranges. We had the creating of weapons and here it just. It feels like an average made for tv zombie movie. So if i was gonna watch one of them again it would be the first one. And that time i recommended it slightly to fans of the video game series. I can't even do that for this one if you're a fan of the game series. I don't think there's much here for you. So this one is not recommend for me stewart. Yeah it's dead sinking. This is going in the wrong direction. This is worse than the movie last week. Even though there have been some cosmetic improvements in the end the overall entertainment value is sinking. And why because there are too many characters too much conspiratorial plotting not enough fun action with homemade weapons thirty minutes shorter and yet it feels like an eternity to sit for just fun. Deficient as you point out. I the film making this director like nobody seems to get how to tell zombie. And so it's just incredibly frustrating that Yeah no one understands how the tell laugh in dead. Rising to my biggest compliment is that it's still better than some that we've seen in this video game and when you think about video games zombie movies. It has passed the bar right barely. But i feel like a house of the dead and some of those that he made. Were just so unprofessional. This one treads water above it. Maybe on the level of house of the dead two but not quite. How should the debt but even house of the dead two is nowhere where you wanna be and so. That's a strong iraq of it house of the dead one better because it had like the spinning cameras stuff. Would you might have thought so. And the last movie. I kind of thought if you were non discerning and you just wanted to watch zombie movie. I mean i've been there. I watched zombie strippers. I watch zombie. Ver- you know. I understand that impulse. This is better than those but yeah they have strippers and beavers. Like where is that in this movie. We get some zombie in a wedding dress. That's it then. I'll tell you the last movie. Is you know better than peel. But this one. I came in and i looked at wicky just to see who is in this and i just saw the line that i said this is so much better than the last one and my hopes came in high like the last one was almost to recommend and this was so much better. Please yes give me the movie. I can recommend sorry i jan. You're dead wrong. Dead wrong endgame. This could be better if it wasn't so confusing. I think that there are the bones here of a good movie. And maybe it was just because it was rushed. Maybe it's because they're like we want one out next year and we've announced this three months after the first one came out you have six months to write. Produce cast direct edit and release this movie and it just comes out like this whereas as you say stewart so many redundant characters one rewrite and you consolidate that. That's what you do in a rewrite as you look and see. Okay what characters. We have doing the same thing. Let's just merge those and pair it down. So it's an understandable crew of dispirit personalities. And here it is really tricky to keep track of. Who's on screen. And why is anyone doing. What y does general allstate wanna kill one. Point five million. Why does billy's ain't thinking. He has a cure for immortality with zombies. Why why why am i watching this. It's a not recommend. It isn't in game it is the end. That's what i recommend. I recommend that you end this crackle not going to happen again. The plan was this would launch a weekly tv series on crackle that still says it's in pre but that feels like a pipe dream. Right jesse metcalfe is doing hallmark shows now like everyone has moved on continuum has been canceled. I just don't see that. This talent air quotes around. That is going to come back five years later to do a tv series continuation for a movie. No one likes. Well keep in mind. There was tremors the series many years after that movie. But also i had to look to see if crackle itself was cancelled. I'm like is crackle still on the air. It is but i didn't. I wouldn't have believed it. I've never heard of it. I mean i think this particular film franchises done. But i don't think the video game franchises. I know there. There were plans for fifth game. Capcom closed down their canadian developer development house. It was working on this stuff but it still one of capcom biggest known games. It's up there with resident. Evil an streetfighter. So this franchise may rise again. I mean. I don't think it's going to be the next year or two but we may come back to this in five six seven years. Yeah it's always the threat right every time you killed it. It's like a true horror movie fashion..

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