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Really horrible situation in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka's of small is an island just off of India high believe south of India. There was there were bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. At least eight bombing attacks striking at least three churches in Sri Lanka along with three. Five star hotels often favored by foreigners nearly three hundred people killed many Americans in these bombings. The police have arrested twenty four people in connection with a series of the series of suicide bombings. He's word of these were people with explosives strapped to them. The government blamed national throw heath. Hearth a little known radical Islamic terror organization for the attacks or the two weeks ago. Apparently, a police official warned of threat on churches by the group, but the authorities failed to act on any of that information. A forensic analysis of body parts found at six sites determined that the seven suicide bombers conducted attacks three Turkey and three hotels. According to the Associated Press most of the attacks carried out by a single bomber in each instance, but two men targeted this relaunch a hotel in Colombo to others to other bombings at a guest house and the suspect safehouse remain under investigation. They're about their say the death toll at this point is like two hundred ninety people celebrating Easter Sunday. The television show, better, coal soul. We'll skews me probably end after season six. Oh, well, at some point it's got a match up. Well, raking bad. That's according to. Along hollowest as Zito who plays a gusts freeing with better call Saul slowly closing the gap between the show's time line and breaking bad people are wondering how long this can go. Well, Esposito let it slip that he's apparently they've been trying to keep this under wraps. But he just I don't know. Loose lips TV series. He said there's a new character coming in Laos. Among obviously, someone I'm going to have to deal with in my travels throughout the show. There will be six seasons seem like that's the way the comfortable way to end the show. I'm hoping more of a collaboration in some ways as an artist with Bob oh to cart court, Bob Odenkirk. Odin perks me I know as mice star grows as Gus spring vehicle to handle some of the edginess of the show, more and more east. He has the tendency to go on. Have you ever heard him interviewed? He he likes to talk about being. I'm anne. I would like to see well, I wouldn't need a whole season. But I'd like to or three episodes that take place now that you know, I mean, we've seen little snippets of it where he's the manager of the cinnabon or whatever it is his cover was in Ohio or somewhere like that. I'd like to see an episode or two of that life and end it that way. That may be how they do it on this really tragic note in just depressed and in a tiny apartment, and there will be extra police presence at he sandy elementary school today after a possible Email threat made over the weekend. Jeff haynie spokesperson for canyon school district said the threat was made to an individual employees. It sandy elementary which is at eight eighty to ninety five south eight sixty five east. The threat was received by Email contain specific times and dates leading officials to believe damages could be aimed toward the school today. Now Haney says that students will be on shelter in place during Monday's school day. No students will be allowed to go outside and anyone who enters the school will enter on a one by one basis through the front doors of the school think if they were that concerned, they might just heat people home. Students and parents should feel safe attending school Monday. Eighty said safety is the first priority an Email and phone call was sent out to parents Sunday night notifying them of the possible threat and official investigation has been launched by police. This is a developing story. This is from Shanteau fours for news websites. I'm bet their parents that keep their kids home while probably doesn't say anything about really what the nature of the threat is. But it sounds like it's a personal a personal matter between someone who works school and someone else. A woman. Carrying a gun. Walked into a church, and she was she had a baby in a carrier, and she had a gun parisioners police tackled her when she entered the Claremont church services in San Diego, California. Police I received calls about an armed woman at a church service hosted at Mount Everest academy near the intersection of Balboa and Genesee avenues. Witnesses said. The woman came up on stage through a back inference holding a gun in one hand and a young boy in the other church growers said the woman was shouting incomprehensibly making comments about martyrs than about the rapture again. This is all good Easter fun, isn't it and and about blowing up the church members of the congregation eventually tackled the woman, and they found out later that the gun that she was carrying was not loaded. She police have identified her as thirty one year old and a conch and the boy that she was a ten month old. Oh, he she was carrying the ten month old baby in her arms. Donald Trump brushes off Mitt Romney Mitt Romney as far as I know is the only major Republican so far to comment on the molar report report saying this is disgusting. He said Mitt Romney said he was sickened by the dishonesty of the Russia that the Russian investigation found in the Trump White House. Great. What are you gonna do about it mitt? Well, he's saying something, okay? Nobody else's Trump fired back that Romney should've put the same kind of energy into running for president in twenty twelve rather than just criticizing me if you put more energy into that. You wouldn't maybe would've won Romney also tweeted on Friday that in reading the special counsel's report. He was appalled that Americans working on the Trump campaign had welcomed help for from Russia. Mike Lee has commented on my clearly so Mitt Romney. And again as far as I know, he's the only major Republican to say anything like that, Mike Lee said the mall report hasn't changed his opinion of president, not I'm the sycophant. I and it likely won't change the opinion of his colleagues despite strong criticism for Mitt Romney. Because he's a guy who in recent days says he was sick. And by the behavior of the President Lee who was on face the nation was asked if he agreed with the rebuke from his fellow Utah Republican Senator Lee said there's nothing in this report, the changes my view of this president. I don't know what I would agree with him on that. There's nothing to report the changes my view of the president. I don't think most Americans. I don't think most senators most members of congress will have their view of the president of the United States changed by this report because it's more important to keep our noses up his. But there's nothing in there that should do that on Friday. The day after. Think that please look up Adam Schiff congressman Adam Schiff speech at to his committee when he says, you may think these things are all right? I don't know. And listen just to Adam Schiff, a congressman Schiff from California enumerate, the horrible things that have come out of this administration. And that have come out of the Muller report and say, and he says to his fellow committee members, you may think these things are all right? I don't think I don't think anybody thought that Donald Trump sat down with flat. Amir Putin and said, how are we going to get me elected? Nobody thinks that happened. They all this other. Maybe. I'm president. And you're not all this other stuff is horrible. Yeah. But Mike, he's fine with it. He's fine with it. And of foreign hatch still there he'd be fine with that too. So. A lot of fans are wondering why Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder didn't attend Chris cornell's funeral in may. I don't think we know. Even now in spite of the story, he didn't attend the funeral. And he hasn't said anything about the death of Chris Cornell, a friend a fan wrote to his wife any veterans wife Jill on Instagram saying why didn't he go to the funeral or the tribute show? Despite the fact that they were friends the fan mentioned Tom Morello, Matt Cameron all attending the tribute events and how they were disappointed. Not to see Eddie their fan said it was disrespectful that Vetter didn't attend the tribute. Despite the questions asked the fans that they've always loved any better and paid compliments to the family. Well, his wife responded, she addressed social media bullying. I saying is this really the kind of thing you want to be doing. And then she reacted the questions asked about why? There was no public statement by Eddie about Chris Cornell. And she said my husband owes no one anything exactly it's a private matter. And he has never taken to social media. The way some have most people know the truth and the facts it's as clear as day. That's that's all she. He said about it. That's what I was gonna say Eddie doesn't comment publicly about anything. Not. He's never hear about him and people more in their own way. You know, they don't you don't attend a funeral to acknowledge that your morning. Yeah. It's drive it. I don't understand. And I didn't know this. But people who know, you know, follow Eddie Vedder closely. Apparently, he's been at numerous tribute concerts to Chris Cornell, and performed that doesn't comment publicly about much. I mean, I I haven't visited my father's grave since he died that disrespect. Horrible fun. Admit that sort of thing ruins the show. I don't need to be standing over his headstone. You know? People. All right. That's it whether traffic,.

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