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Who's counting and doing stuff as it is probably anywhere else. It's like we talk about here with terrorism and airplanes. I don't worry about who's on On the deck. Who's up top? Who's sitting next to me? Don't worry about that. I worry about the people who put their luggage on. That to me is a much easier thing. Well, you're gonna have in the mail and things crazy Because the money you bring it up, You talk but you start talking about people. Like what? Aboutthe Rogue male person. I'm like. What Yeah, the rest so they've been working for years to get the rogue male people in the right positions. It's nuts. You look at some of the corruption having to do with universal mail in voting. Absentee voting is okay. You have to apply. You have to go through a process. We have to plan leave Mr. They're sending out application Stella. Millions of balance their applications you there's no way you can go through a mail in vote without massive cheating. You can He's pissed offs going after Nevada because they decided they were going to all mail it There's some things I like about Trump, and there's some things that are just absurd. Some things are overdone about Trump, and some things he does are absurd. Could there be fraud? Of course. Is it going to be to the two every time I bring this up? Because I'm also a person says I get zero problems with voter ID. Zero problems. You should go through a process. What can't get an I d I go back to Why can't you get an I D Why can you not as a human being get in? I'd You have to have an idea for over 18 kids walking out three years old, and I'm an I D. Who are you Don't know how your business I mean, it's just some states. You have to have an I d there like you must have some sort of proof. It's not that hard. We make everything hard because we have to figure out okay. This is what we need to dio. Now. Everybody figured out the politics of making the same 10 times more difficult than it should be. And we'll go from there. It's it's It's ridiculous. It really is. I understand why he's frustrated and worried. But it's it's a boogeyman that doesn't exist. It's a boogeyman that doesn't exist. 32353 24 23 at Chad Benson shows your Twitter Feel free to tweet at me. You can text the program as well love hearing from you so Would you say that? One of the big things have always talked about on my show. Right. So this little dog and pony show that we started some six years ago. Here is we went national One of the things that I've always talked about is my biggest fear for this country. Is the loss of his sense of humor. Cause when you lose the sense of humor of everything when you lose the ability to laugh at yourself. To laugh it situations even at times to laugh at others. You start to go down the hole that you may never come back from. And that's scary. I'm reading a very interesting book about Vladimir Lenin. And the book essentially is about the fact that he had no sense of humor. He was the most humorless man in the world that should scare you. Cause when you see all these crazies out there that want to cancel everything when he sees people out there who are lunatics don't want to get rid of everything. You know what What really scares me. They don't have a sense of humor and the people that do have a sense of humor. They want to get rid of them. As fast as possible. That's the scary thing. Kindergarten Cop 1990. Not the greatest movie didn't win the Academy Awards. Super happy for you, Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was a star, he was in this movie. Replace a kindergarten cop who's undercover to stop somebody from doing something. Is supposed to be shown at a film festival for whatever reason. I think it's because it was in or it was in Oregon. The movie was filmed there, so that's why they were going to show it. They're not going to show the movie now. Because of you. Well. The over policing of Children. Okay, so now now it was filmed in a story organ. So that's why they were showing it. There wasn't one of those like I got to show this move because of one on macadamia wards, and it shows the range of acting. It wasn't any of that. You don't get any of that with us. This is like, Hey, we're showing this because 30 year anniversary it was, you know, they filmed it here. It'll be neat. So a woman by the name of lowest Levine Tweeted to thee and W Film Center. What's so funny about school to prison pipeline question. Mark Kindergarten cop out. There's nothing fun in cops traumatizing kids, no idea what he did. Zero idea. In fact, Most of the movie the Children were traumatising him. It's not a tumor. Never that I've got the headache. It's probably a tumor is not a tumor. They said national reckoning on Over Policing is a weird time to revive Kenny Garden cop. We're trying to end it. School to prison pipeline, But she's not finished. She goes on to say the garden consciously a movie. So a birth of a nation and gone with the wind. But we recognize like those are not good family fun. And I think to myself You're going to compare first of all To compare. Can he got a cop with gone with the winds is my acting. No, It's not. Secondly, this is what's important Birth of a nation in kindergarten cop are so far away from each other. If you don't know what birth of a nation is, it is a movie that came out a very long time ago about two families. Abolitionist Northerners, the the Stone Mons and the landowners, The Camerons and it's It's DW. Griffin's controversies like a Civil War epic, and it's It is About the founding of the Ku Klux Klan. That's what Cameron founds. It's just it is. It is awful. It's a movie that Oddly enough, in a very weird way, though, gets 93% on rotten tomatoes, and I know that, but it's one of those things that Glorifies things back in that day that We look at now and think that isn't saying like that looking at that today. It is awful. And what it was about. The glorification of you know, Here comes the the clock's plan to save the day and it is a in this movie came out 1950. So you go 75 years in the future, and you've got kindergarten cop. And to even draw the two comparison is insane. So what did North as film center? Do? They cave? They're gonna show a movie about John Lewis, which is totally fine, not filmed in a story by the way, he probably never went to a story. That's the insanity of which we live. That's the insanity of which we live. This is John Cleese. He says that perfect here what it's changed. It's changed so completely. But you could make jokes like that was the scene when they made some of the old major, because you explain to someone a ll the names for the different prejudices. And he was quite precise about because it was ridiculous was Mason's prejudiced, But there's plenty of people in three seats who have absolutely zero sense of humor, and that's the scary thing. Think about this again. I'm talking about Vladimir Lenin. Earlier. When I said I'd bring you spoke about is most humorless men in history. The city just walked around. He was morose. He carried this book. He was just he had nothing about him, said fun. Probably never laughed a day in his adult life. When you see these crazy people out there when you see these people who are lunatics when you see these people who are about canceling everything who about getting rid of everything, and not just stuff that we laugh at and laugh with butt stuff that you think yourself you shouldn't be canceling that. You realize they have zero sense of humor, and that should scare you. Cause Then they start to control. More and more with language. Our founding fathers were worried about. Thus destroying ourselves from within. Not Being destroyed from the outside. We start to lose our humor. That's when we should be scared..

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