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Gloria Gaynor, Grammy Award, Michigan discussed on KNX Programming


Good will in the ad council three twenty three forty years ago there was a one time event in the music world Gloria Gaynor's anthem I will survive has done just that it's sung and played around the world what's not as well known is that it led to a one time only award on this day in nineteen eighty the song won the Grammy Award for best disco recording but there was such a backlash to disco at the time that the category was eliminated the next year so I will survive when the first and only Grammy for best disco recording this year forty years later Gaynor won her second Grammy best roots gospel album for her record testimony but Michigan CBS news plus some of the lingo is canceled as upcoming performance at one of the Spain us a menace our main opera houses had been scheduled to take part in five shows for the production which opens in may but the theater says he counseled on results Spanish government canceled two other upcoming performances as the country reassess their ties to the opera singer after he apologized for sexually harassing women over the course of two decades Carthy is a bit busy now have brought police say eight vehicles installed so far this month that hamper five Hondas to Toyota Chrysler most of the cars were stolen while parked on residential streets and for the vehicles have been recovered but what you can do to prevent your car from being targeted just make sure it's always locked at the park in a well lit area whenever possible governor Newsom has a ten billion dollar plan to create a new state agency called the department of early childhood development says it would combine all of California's subsidized child care program for low income adults under one agency so child care providers say they would rather see the ten million dollars spent on boosting their already under funded programs but others say simplify the process would make things much easier for parents and providers and some people might say they're already to the college football bowl games but LA is getting a new one the label will be played for the first time this December and so fi stadium in Inglewood the new home of the rams and Chargers game will feature teams from the mountain west.

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Gloria Gaynor, Grammy Award, Michigan discussed on KNX Programming

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