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Affiliates in other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations. He digital news network coupled with rising water levels in all of the Great Lakes, high water on Lake Erie has been flooding streets and houses in Ohio with residents bracing for more problems floodwaters closed several streets in the town of port Clinton last week. After winters melting snow in recent heavy rains last month, flooding cut nearby south bass island in half and temporarily closed fairies headed to the island, the high waters also increasing erosion and leaving logs and debris and shallow parts of western Lake Erie, which is one of the areas of the Great Lakes most susceptible to climate change, according to hydrology experts. Walmart's upping the stakes in its retail shipping war with Amazon rolling out free next day delivery. Most popular items is says it's been building a network of more efficient ecommerce distribution centers to make it happen. The next day service will cover two hundred twenty thousand popular items from diapers to non perishable food to toys electronics. That's nearly double the number of items that carries an at stores. The move comes just two weeks after Amazon said it will be upgrading its free shipping option to prime members who pay the hundred nineteen dollars a year from two day delivery to one day delivery of services already offering in some areas. The WalMart next day delivery requires a minimum order of thirty five dollars and is rolling out. Now in Phoenix Las Vegas with plans to have the service to seventy five percent of the US population by Iran. China trade and farmers. I'm Tim Maguire with an AP news minute. The escalating trade war between the US and China causing real concerns on American farms, Ohio farmer. Brett Davis says he and others are losing tens of thousands of dollars. Because of the tariffs went out of every three rows of soybeans that we raise here in America ends up halfway around the world in China. President Trump tells reporters before he left for Louisiana. He's confident and reaching a deal with China. What you wanna know something you want to know something we always win. His administration is prepping another twenty five percent tariff on another three hundred billion dollars in Chinese goods, including many household items and clothing sources say the Senate intelligence committee has an agreement for a private interview with Donald Trump junior ending the fight over previous subpoena, the president's oldest son. He's expected to meet with the committee for up to four hours in the middle of next month. I'm Tim McGuire. AP digital news back in a moment. Thank at farmers insurance. We know roof can withstand a lot. One exception being an airborne car, scenic, covered.

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