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Make love and working on a poll question. I got LeBron strategy not only for tonight is debut in Portland, but his strategy for the first month of the season. Your phone calls people fired up over the baseball last night. Once again Clayton Kershaw. Growing up in watching baseball and falling in love baseball. When I did you saw pitchers. You saw guys when they didn't have this pitch. Then they would try to go to another pitch. And you saw that with Kershaw. He didn't have a great fastball. But that breaking ball was unbelievable. And I believe you could've told the brewers. Hey breaking ball in it didn't matter last night. But you know, he he stepped up huge. I don't know what he's going to be like if they get to the World Series. His velocity. I know we get caught up on velocity. But sometimes when you he needs that velocity because that separates the off speed pitch with his fastball and the brilliance of some of these pictures. I remember baseball tonight, Harold Reynolds. And call ravage one night, we're looking at Johan Santana and Johan Santana had a run where he was maybe the best pitcher in baseball. They slowed it down and herald said I'm going to show you two pictures. One is fast ball one is change up. He said now imagine your batter in real time. As you see the arm slot. Because a lot of times pitchers will give away what they're throwing with their arm slot. He shows me to release points with Santana one fastball. One change exact same picture. And he said, that's why the great pitchers are so great because you don't know what's coming, and I could do that. I'm sure with Kershaw to go. Here's his fastball. Here's his breaking ball. Here's a change up. And you can't tell the difference because that's what pitchers hitters are just looking for something just a little just just a tell anything. But watching Kershaw last night was a lot of fun because it brought me back to when I was younger, and I'm watching somebody pitch not throw pitch. And there's a big difference with. All right, mclovin. What kind of poll question? You have for me. Okay. This is. Paulie special if you were a fan, and I'm going to add a little twist and thought you could get away with it. Would you interfere on a home run that helped your team? Yeah. Probably. If I'm reaching out in the field play, then they're gonna catch me. But I mean, how can I disguise that? Now. That's a good. You can't let's say there's a pop fly down the third baseline. You have a lot of time to think about it. You see the guy coming and you consciously think I'm going to go for this ball because it's good for my squad. Like, if it's your own team in the you gotta pop you would probably put arms out if you're a smart fan. Would you do the opposite? And engage the ball knowing hey, man, I can help Tiffany comes into the stands. Yes. Or if he's close to the standard dome. We saw that last night. There. There's too many cameras now after last night, I'm too afraid of of getting interference call. I would stay away. What else do you? Okay. We could put up a poll was it a home run or not? Do you want to get the consensus on that? That's possibility another option. What would you watch tonight? You get the Red Sox Astros. I believe LeBron's Laker debut and the Broncos cardinals for me. It seems easy. I'd watch LeBron. Yeah. You have to watch LeBron. Yeah. I don't think I think you can watch all three easily, but. The only get to pick one. Yeah. No. I'm saying, but yeah, I understand Paul. But you gotta LeBron's at the number one choice there. Scolded, mclovin. Just saying I understood the concept where we were going, and you only get to watch one to one of three not three. No the truth is you can watch a baseball game catch two movies and three other games with no problem to flip back. Hey, I was doing that. Last night. I'm flipping all around how much an NBA watching baseball. I watched modern day Saint John Bosco high school game from over the weekend. So it wasn't live. No, watching California high school football. I was but these are two of the best teams in the country and I'm flipping around. I want to see how good these quarterbacks are one. I believe is going to be a star. Maybe both are going to be stars. But those are two great programs. I'm flipping around all of a sudden, I'm watching a quarter of modern day. I'm watching the second quarter modern day Saint John Bosco. Where do you put the Broncos at cardinals watch ability wise might be ugly? It's it's not high on my viewing pattern tonight. But I'm curious to see how case keenum does. I'm curious how that cardinal defense is I want to see Josh Rosen. You know, it's sort of a primetime coming out. Let's see L. Josh Rosen is but I get the feeling, you know, things go south for the Broncos. You might have a coaching change. And maybe a have a quarterback change might be the aftershocks of the game and not the game itself. Yes. Plus you had the Minnesota high school girls volleyball Chaipas tonight. If I if I need to watch it mind might breeze through there on direct TV, you go into the six hundreds there's so much there. And I, you know, I'm watching replays. Sometimes I might rears of games. But then you get baseball takes so long. So you can always flip back and go I missed one batter. And that could be a half hour later. Mclovin. You have a fascination with mid level to poor Western Conference teams to join you always have taken effect kings. Our sons are on watch out Idaho against Montana state. I watched a little bit of the Riera yesterday that was yesterday afternoon in the snow too. I watched a little bit of that. Efforts and last night in particular was like eleven o'clock eastern time and was only like top of the sixth. So you're if you're committing to that game in the outcome. And even if it doesn't go extra innings and you're talking about twelve twelve thirty night for nine inning. Yeah. I watched Deandra eight last night. I watched a little bit of hawks. Knicks kemba. Walker went off last night. Mm Obama hit a three. So I remember when I was joking rice, and you can have Markelle folds, Ben Simmons or mobile who hits a three I and I said, I'm taking mogambo, and maybe I was selling him short on his offense because mobile is talent. He's not as good as Aden. Eight and a good night last night. I was watching Luca Danni chick as well. He's right. Yeah. You just can't overreact to this. When he was like mellow last night. I had that on the mothership. And I wanted to see how how much of a deal it was that he was coming off the bench. And then, you know, the rockets everybody was concerned about him is going to come off the bench somebody better guard mirror. Ted Anthony Davis in the rockets end up losing Anthony Davis looks like he's about eight feet tall. Just you know, his length and his ability, and the fact that he used to be a point guard when he was younger. So he learned how to handle the ball. He's got a really good touch. I don't know how good they're going to be. But I watched the Greek freak. Dante David Chen zone. I watched him to feel bad for little Kemba. Walker little legs out there and up forty one get no help finally got confirmation because I told you LeBron stayed they were trading for Kemba Walker, and I kept saying, you know. The person who told me this is not going to lie to me. And last night. I'm watching the broadcast, and they go, you know, if LeBron stayed the Cavaliers were going to trade for Kemba Walker, I go what? Wait what? And then I go. Oh, okay. All right, fine. Not that that matters to Kemba Walker LeBron or the NBA right now. But they wanted to get Kim. Lebron wanted to get Kemba Walker. He needed some help there. And so they LeBron leaves Collins Sexton is there a point guard now. All righty couple of phone calls here. Rick and Ohio joins us Rick. What do you have for me today? Good morning, Dan. Good. Mom back. Lot back on their own hires. Call. Yeah. I'm from I'm from Ohio, and I'm obviously in India's grant. So I really don't want either one of those teams to win. But what's right is right? After go west first of all he called it a home run, and then he reversed no pain interference. At that point on the review. He's only got a couple of options. He either Cancun fern. Fan interference for denied that it's being it'll Terrence, but he can't flip it back over to a home run. I just didn't think there was enough evidence to overturn it. Rick and thank you. I thought I thought it was a home run. I do think that benches glove was in the stands, even if it's slightly in the stands, and I don't think the fans went out of their way to impede him. You know, they were going for the ball. He's going for the ball and they adjust his glove. But I don't think this was Jeffrey mayor, I mean, Jeffrey Mary reached over the wall, and you had who's it Richie Garcia's out there, the right-field umpire, and there was no umpire and it said Yankee Stadium, and he goes home run for Eric jeeter now that is fan interference. But last night. What if this what is the fan had a red sock jersey? You can't factor in fandom here. But but I'm just curious. Can you can there be fan interference on a home run in that situation? If it's a red sock fan is their fan interferes on their own player. Mookie bet. I don't know. Maybe that's such a random thought there. Yeah. Fritzy? I also don't recall Joe west initially, calling it a home run from that. I thought the broadcast. They did a great job. They showed Joe west walking in the outfield with the sign of you know, you're out within a couple of seconds after that happening. So I think I think the initial call was out, and they stuck with it because it was too tough to reverse Jared in South Dakota Jared. Hey, thanks, Dan. I was just calling. I was were just saying if I were an Astros fan and the Red Sox are the ones hitting. Why would I if I thought abolish the NBA controversial try to reach out interfere with you know, Rettig out there in right field. Just to make sure we get the out. Yeah. Maybe I'm getting a little deep, you know, CSI MLB here. But I was just curious about that. What did you see that? You would go automatically. And I do think the Joe west was probably fooled by the other fan who was reaching out and he didn't make any contract, but he's the one that was reaching out and less Joe west thought that Mukhi batches. His sight line was impeded with you know, the fans hands something like that..

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