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And mitch mcconnell had a call rains priebus and say how displeased he was with the fact that the super pac was going up in attacking their own dean heller it obviously reince priebus can't do anything about it because he can't coordinate with the superpac but we are reporting indicates from dana bash that mcconnell's aides also went to the superpac and said cut it out so that would be one thing that was all just happening behind the scenes but in the room with president trump yesterday the white house dean heller brought this up and other senator said they were horrified at this notion that that trump allies were going after heller because he said he couldn't support this version it also by the way further alienated heller from getting the yes now the superpac they they stopped the threat they pulled the ad down they say they're happy that heller is negotiating which is a total spin line but but it further alienated a vote that mitch mcconnell and donald trump desperately need there's no margin for error here he can only lose two votes and this now brings me to the final calculation of what mitch mcconnell has to do so start thinking about it this way who are the two biggest hardest novotes that you see out there right now i would argue may be it is susan collins and dean heller well that means that if you believe rand paul is going to be very very difficult to get to yes that's now universe of three people i've already identified that are unbelievably tricky to get to yes well that's already killed the bill.

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