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Shopping can be confusing not anymore with true price from true car now you can know the exact price you pay for the car you want it see what other people pay for two when you're ready to buy a new or used car visit true guard to enjoy a more confident car buying experience morning commutes in DC can be tough the driving the traffic worst of all looking for a place to park Hey this is Vince makes things easy on yourself this summer by parking with spot hero with my here you can see the closest options near your destination compare prices and even book your spot in advance just download the spiral app type in your destination and reserve makes spot here all part of your morning commute or evening out get ten dollars off your first park with promo code district that's promo code district spot hero park smarter planning to sell your home or if you had it previously listed and it didn't sell call the Reynolds team Hey it's Larry o'connor and serin Debbie Reynolds with Keller Williams realty are killing it for home sellers for over thirty years Serra and Debbie have been helping thousands of families sell and buy homes in our area if you want to maximize the sale of your home here's why you need to call Serra and Debbie Reynolds they already have the buyers over eight thousand buyers in waiting these buyers are screened and looking to buy right now as a result they sell their homes three times faster and not their sellers six percent more money on average that's thirty thousand more dollars in your pocket if your home doesn't sell serin Debbie by it at a price agreeable to you that's guaranteed and that's in writing call serin Debbie Reynolds right now eight four four three four four sold that's eight four four three four four sold or visit Debbie has the buyers dot com Debbie has the buyers dot com I spent twenty five years at the National Security Agency and I know first hand what's needed by employers in the field of cyber security learn real world skills from cyber faculty like Dr Emmet garrison Alexander university Maryland University College can help unlock your career potential with award winning undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificate in cybersecurity just ask you when you see alarm Conrad chance because I got a degree from you you see I got promotions that help me move up in the world and earn more for my family you and Lucy is.

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