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Law firm today for a free case evaluation call one eight hundred justice or visit justice for you dot com our next couple traffic it's seven twenty four. there are changes good evening showers likely tonight slight chance of thunderstorms overnight lows in the fifties tomorrow cloudy chance showers highs near seventy one today mostly cloudy in the morning then becoming mostly sunny with a high of seventy partly sunny Thursday mid seventies Friday mostly cloudy chance. in the morning chance of showers by afternoon you're seventy overnight lows in the fifties that's your latest weather from the global forecast. hi and. is not an emergency plan make sure your kids know what to do during an emergency call where to me what to pack search ready kids at NYC dot gov or call three one one a public service announcement brought to you by the New York City office of emergency management and the ad council who says you have to leave home to go on a great adventure discover new things about your family by hosting a YFU international exchange student visit YFU USA dot org or call eight hundred teenage to learn more and get started on your greatest journey yet would be crazy if you pack your bags and left. he's cool life is calling how far will you go to find out more call one eight hundred four two four eight five eight zero or visit he's core dot gov. I started going cold Turkey at least when I'm in the car I know I shouldn't do it but it's so hard to stop my solution is simple I just don't do it there are lots of ways to stop yourself and others from texting and driving how will you stop brought to you by the.

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