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Of team to get caught up there pete on hell here's a little something else a goes along with that rise university kentucky women's basketball team was ranked but i but bleep fifteen with a came into play the see women early in the season are not conference game he was the same time is the dops for playing the best football team was playing they had a needing game it was the universe in a touchy got their late their own fall for getting their because they were told multiple times from see you leave early to get to the coors events center didn't do it boston the game but turned up upsetting them because a shot about a half hour before were begun for the game depth we want to push it you know we're here late to tropical hoping said the warned yeah we told you and in years past that would've been much for problem to make it through traffic in boulder when there was a bust football game no that's up to a true there yes some of those down years he had pretty down crowd for football no problem getting into the game but now of this year get there early yeah it's a little bit of a tougher ticket so that free fisher and he and i will go back and forth from time to time you can certainly at it you have it you know twitter i do that to reach fisher already i d at fight has see ha are you catcher only i do nobody stole your name on nobody spells by name the way i do all kinds easy on the works have pretty well brees been doing this for a long time an effect you and i could have crossed paths you actually in my hometown working for a short time opens constitute during the yeah i was up there about the two middle two thousand about summer two thousand three college winner two thousand seven so about three and a half years i was up there i was doing now play by play for western a basket community college the both men's and women's basketball volleyball little soccer and it was did some high school stuff.

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