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Hello Bixby Bill. Burr chat listeners. Today I have the honour talking to Alana Chad who's a voice developer. Whose boiled many many different experiences for Alexa. Google and bixby. And what really impressed me about Lorna is her creativity and all the things that she's done with voice. Some really really excited to talk to her alarm. Why don't you introduce yourself? Hi everyone my name is Alana. I am twenty four years old. I am working on voice. Assistance will be free is now and I recently graduated from the University of Kent For Year pursued. Waste Industry Kind of Siebel where it was all about added Paid off and I've recently been announced Alexa champion and will serve Recently announced as bixby develop theories. Well said a very pleased with how guarding. I'm glad I took the the junk ready grades. And congratulations on being the bixby developer. The air at project voice and Being Alexa champion. That's quite an accomplishment of I have to ask you. What did you get your degree in technology degree or completely different? Yes so I was down that route of going into university in thinking what do I actually want to do and I never I? I was at the point where we have to decide what route you wanted to go down. I'd never really done any of computer science or anything up until hours around sixteen years old because they didn't ready introduce that into into schools much so it wasn't until I was sixteen. Monday introduced Him It's like a high school the high school side at. That's what I saw and I was like. Wow I wanna try it and I kind of not with the whole computer science as and I knew then I wanted to do something in that field but did I want to do it as a job. So that's why I chose. Degree weather is very broad so it. It kind of varies from Web Design to games designed to photography reading modeling like any module any cool secret drink. It was very very broad. Silos able to be like take if I liked it will hide the just will not go down that route because I actually did want to do reading log lane. I thought was really cool. What I saw the course at Casino Harry possible violence the Pixar than when I came to ours like actually this is quite hard and also quite you have to patients because you'll be making a ten second clip in the whole time. I literally I. I have the patience with that. So I did like the whole mobile application development and everything else that came with the coolest so I tied down the the programming side. That's how I kind of figured out went to be in fields. Great you know I encourage people to go explore different things and try things out right because who knows I think should reinvent yourself every end years and figure out what really excites you and go pursue it and even if that means a big change so good for you to try a bunch of things and and you landed on something you enjoy for right now and Yeah go pursue it so learn by my count you created twelve different Vicky capsules and they arrange everything. There's some educational capsules was capsules. Fitness. There's an. As Amara capsule yes in Quiz Games. Can you describe a couple of those big speak capsule in experiences? Yes with with big beat being so new and that the market is well. I I wanted to basically kind of see which type of capsule John kind of like making the Live at the mall one. It was simply something. I bake these experiences to me some cause before I related to other people by decided. Let's take an approach. Like make them for myself. I would you so I'm a big fan of they. Samah I love going to sleep to the mall and I noticed that there are no asleep. Sound experiences out that the A very big market. When look on Youtube for example a lot of people do love a law on it so different to ambient noises because of the whole experience is supposed to deliver this brain light tingle to grain and relax your brain so I wanted to make one and the best thing about putting it on bixby. Robin like Youtube is that we've topped the screen on and you're trying to get to bed the light shining in the room at least if you put it on a voice platform than kind of eliminate the whole having to have screen on and you can just listen away and go to sleep at sun baths with the small one with education. I've kind of always with me being in education for so long you kind of It's kind of a nice way to just keep shop and keep lining whether is learning a language learning maximum stuff stuff that you kind of need to keep learning with at and also fitness. I never really did many experiences and I wanted to see especially when it comes to the end of Christmas. Everyone's not fitness mentality. And you always WANNA keep so i. I've never tried one of my capsules. I made my yoga. I never done yoga before. But I forbid good. experienced Yoga positions as well as make something. I could use to win. You know I love it when people say they built something for themselves she we're talking about. Am tomorrow the Yoga Capsule Education Capsules Unit? You sound found personal benefit to these any wanted to share it and always find that when you build from the heart something you just do your much more motivated and it really really shows in the quality of what you build so great great job you touch them. This a little bit alarmed. But how did you first get involved with building for voice? What what motivated you to to build for this new medium. The main difference the main encouragement life for me to get into voice was honestly. I did that Michael sweaters on full of different modules. And I I knew that where I struggled was with visual graphic design and I love my lapse. I really did want from that. Was My design Like designing the the APP so visuals so when we Amazon dot came out. I notice that you could speak to it. And it will these skills and I didn't realize it was a third party developer. Who'd made these this experience so i. I love learning skills. I'm always up for landing anything so when I when I saw you could make one yourself. I jumped at the opportunity and I started building. It was really simple experience. It was gang could odds on why you would not match the same number of Alexia so that was by really enjoyed Also collected have to think about the design side of things so fast already love love voice. Yeah that's great so it sounds like followed your strengths so I was gonna ask you. What your first voice experience was. But you said it was the odds-on is that still out on the skill store. I had I had no idea still lacking yeah. I think we all have our first things that we built. They think the first thing ever built is a jokes scale. I don't know if you're not have to go check. But when and how did I get started developing bixby itself? Yeah so I was invited to be developer partner program and yet I was told you want to start developing on BEC- speak I had heard expe- before the the the sound on Samson Introduced to the essay the Galaxy S. nine and I was like of course anew scaled the I'd just I just love learning anytime some of that. Something I'm like. Yes for and then the Simpson team. What me on. Everything the ide- e the Bixby Studio hand it kind of was very very intimidating fast. Because I was like a new platform is different syntax using bid. I'd never hundred full but I think it made it easier once I once I kind of just in that whole Amazon Mine Alexa. Mind watching the fall but once I remember that was we did not. You did a tutorial that Webinar with the horoscopes. A yeah actually. I think it might have been atom uncharted the Horoscope to Joyal few. It was about horoscopes. But yeah coding without him. Yeah yeah it was yeah Lebanon end it was like Every helped so I always say like a lot to learn. Visually visual linings. Always our big eight for me. I I kind of documentation is good with support. The I thought visual AIDS so when there's a lot of videos stuff out there examples not the example is really helpful. It really helped kind of move my Experience with big speak great. You Know I. I sympathize with having come from a mobile and web done some Alexa Google Development. Kinda very imperative Code I approach that you get really comfortable with in any move to bixby and it's like what is this is crazy right. I have to model all these things. And do this declarative modeling and write less code and I think for anyone any developer out. There's listening to this. I think there is definitely a hump to get over to kind of conceptualize and think about it but once you get over the Hump I think he can be pretty productive with it but it is not a intuitive at first because it's quite a different programming paradigm than what you've seen in the past so along those lines Alana so for listeners. Who were kind of aspiring bixby developers in in starting to learn? What advice do you have for them? I would say US try actually make get into it and actually dickey facts capsule something something that you would make on a different platform and then make a fact capsule on bixby and then you can kind of see the how how the differences are as well so one thing. I did. Which really helped was I made like a jokes capsule or bixby and I'd make the same one on Alexa to kind of understand. What the the main differences while I'm already ditched me. Was like how much was in both like in the big one spanning any it was actually just the content and a few conditions. But it just shows that you really just need to think of it as a model fast approach and kind of just out really well and distinguished. Do I need him? What do I need that but now yet going for something ready simple than keep study adding in an maybe live onto a quiz in maybe live onto more interactive experiences? But yeah it's it's every that's why do Mike capsules you'll see quite different instruction is well because I am also nine years while I was like. Oh along side last Unlike making different types of capsules right. Actually I've noticed I've been impressed with the kind of variety of capsules. You built. Where where do you talk talked about this a little bit that? It's from things that you need but you tell me more about your inspiration for these different voice experiences that you've built yes. It's kind of how how it comes to me. Mainly is this. How United Currency Conversa- Capsule Currency Kim? Abaza how kind of came to me was I was just. I'm just playing around with bixby. An awesome awesome. I was GONNA say how often zip human asking a bunch of questions The I use will and I noticed that when I asked for a currency to combat currency from donors two. Pounds for example. It wasn't that that wasn't any like native Response it can tell me and I will let you go. Slow on one. That's one case. That would be really helpful and I need as well. So that's that's one thing I do. I fix peelers questions that I know that I would be using is well And if it doesn't have a native response than I know that good use case to use Good tune into Jason to the marketplace great. Our philosophy is definitely we believe that third party apps an end third party capsules should dominate. In most of the questions the asko voices and should be answered by third party capsules which is a little bit different than some of our competitors. But I think that's a good approach. Adam Shire likes to say we're not building the world's best voice assistant were building the best platform for building voice experience and really because we think believe were platform builders and people like you are going to build those amazing experiences and we've introduced features like natural language categories. Which lets you be the default when you actually aspects via question your actual capsule can can answer that. So we'll have to work together to figure out what of your capsules might be. Eligible for that but bixby is coming to a lot more devices this year. So right now you can develop for the TV the watch in a smart appliance. There's a marketplace there. I wonder if you look at all those different devices..

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