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It rose shows and you can see that it each. It has the pointed petals on it. I don't know if it's up yet, but the has the pointed petals and each There's a fine white line around each one of those pedals. It's beautiful. Look at that thin the next minute sure is one that Bob Martin bread. Bob Morning show. Isn't it all Bob Martin roses all the time. I told you that he was very involved in the Rose world so very much. It's hard to discuss roses without discussing Bob. But this one is called Peter Cottontail, and it's a rose that he introduced about 16 years ago. Another good exhibition rose the collar on it is white, but sometimes it gets little touches of pink in it. Tiger. You have to tell me if we're going too fast a little bit. We can slow down just a bit because Peter Contrail is now just appearing on our Facebook page. And as John mentioned, mostly white and in the middle, you can see a little bit of pink You starting to Form. And that's Peter Cottontail that do you have bids and all these John right now, or just a few know Every Rose has bid, Okay, And it's their up online. Any bits we get today won't be posted till Monday. Probably and again. Those are biz talk radio. We're You know, we're discussing pictures of these roses, which, of course you can't see, But you can always go to our Facebook page and we watch This show just scroll down, and it'll be right there. Every show every podcast five mentioned he did not contribute Marriott to, But he said that he loves that rose. And I think a lot of people to, uh up next, John. Well, I also want to mention while we were on Peter Cottontail that Bob has another rose very similar different color called buttercream. And as you can imagine, it's kind of a creamy yellow very light really Pretty. And Bob said that Peter Kahn tail was the sister seedling of that rose and your sister seedling, Brian, you know, that means that it came out of the same rose hip. So when you plant seeds from a rose hip you can have, you know. And plants come up in every one of those will be different because the Siamese twin effect right joined at the hip. No, they're not joining everyone separate. Okay, to make that clear for those that actually not a really very good analogy came from the same hippies which you're saying, right? They did. OK, OK, Do we have the next rose up there yet? Way eyes Petite, Pearl door, Petite. Yeah. They're, um petite Pearl door was a rose that Robert Rippetoe put out And I guess you could describe it is maybe a miniature Holly answer, but he took the There's a famous Polly Anthony called Pearl Door and he crossed it with Cinderella, which is a micro miniature rose and came up with this petite pearl door. Looking, look at the flower and perspective of the fingers that are holding the flower like that such a small, You know what that's delicate flower. That's very interesting. Otherwise you wouldn't really get a basis for how small That Rose really is. Yeah. And for the people listening to the program, the flower is probably the size of a thumbnail. Yes, that's very good. Yes, it is. And then have you seen this Rose in person, John? What Those are my fingers. Grow those So okay, So s O clusters. Clusters or no clusters. What is s O much, but just a lot of different blooms. So it's so it's a lot all over right perspective the size of John's figures compared to that to that roast, and on that note, we're gonna take a quick break here. Come right back As we continue with the 20th. Annie will save the roses right here. Happening on guard America live right here in our studio this year, so again, keep those questions.

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