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And what are you even saying immunity and respond? Hey, guys, you got it all wrong, it's eight and beyond. Go to 0 dummy. Beyond infinity. Another bus. Kid deal. So that's a granted that doesn't give you any more clue as to what it's funny. But it's about good it sits a fun little watch the other thing that debuted this week that I didn't care about until I saw the trailer. It's if it's what I think you're going to talk about it, so manipulative, I couldn't stand it detective Pika chew. Oh, no. That wasn't it. Okay. Detective Pika chew. Now. I I heard Ryan Reynolds is in this movie. And it's detective Piquiachu. That's all we do. That sounds like a whole movie the whole movie now town stone, it sounded dumb until I saw the trailer. Detected Pika chew revolves around the relationship between Tim Goodman and Pika chew. K now here's here's the. Here's the gang of the movie. Yeah. Humans live in a world where Pok Mon exist and live side by side with us. Okay. The other gag is. What do you know about Pika chew little yellow rabbit looking creature and only says he Kapika? Yeah. That's all I know about him. Just like is there a backstory, squirrel, squirrel? Only says, squirrel, squirrel. K which is kind of sexual I think in a way. So the gag in. This is is that this guy. Tim is the only person who can understand chew, and he hears Pika chew in a different voice..

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