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The US Supreme Court ruled that the trump administration can divert military funds to pay for the construction of a border war also the Irish government gives a negative response to the new British prime minister's attempts to renegotiate the brexit backstop agreement he seems to have made a deliberate decision to set written on a collision course with the European Union on with our lives in relation to the president CH I think only he can answer the question as to why he's doing this and with this throughout the program DJ Zhang Chinese author and journalist and Sebastian Volga German journalist and correspondent in London for the Tigers Spiegel that's here on weekend coming to you today from Beijing this is the latest BBC news with rose Marie creek the US Supreme Court has agreed that the trump administration can use Pentagon funds to build sections of the president's promised portable with Mexico leading Democrats denounce the ruling from Washington Chris buckler the long border between the United States and Mexico has been at the center of a long battle between president trump on his political opponents in Congress Democrats have consistently blocked his attempts to secure funding to build more and bigger barriers between the countries he's repeatedly argued that the surge of migrants making their way to the US has created a crisis at the border and he said that left him in a position where you should be able to redirect billions of dollars from defense department funds to pay for the wall unlike the Supreme Court has agreed overturning a decision from a lower court the United States in Guatemala have signed a two year agreement so migration that covers US bound migrants from home to rest in El Salvador pulsing three gotcha Mona migrants will be required to fast seek asylum in Guatemala before being eligible to apply to enter the US in exchange Guatemalan farm workers will get easier access to work in the US will smile as president Jimmy Morales said his country would benefit is on the bubble made in one apple C. simply here this will put us in a privileged position as a privileged partner for the United States and as a privileged partner for the United States I say this because the United States is all main part now pro democracy demonstrators have been gathering in Hong Kong from March to the scene of a sort some protesters last Sunday by suspected underworld gangs the protesters were angered by the slow police response to last week's assaults Stephen McDonell reports whole whole police have denied permission for today's rally chief secretary Matthew troll number two in the whole Colin government has apologized for the slow police response when groups of men carrying homemade weapons assaulted protesters at a train station if demonstrators of accused some officers of colluding with triad gangs the calling for an official inquire a riot police and the black clad activists already gathering here in your long with fears of more street violence today.

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