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Occasionally after a permanent cigar Yeah. Heck, yeah, It's nice, comfortable furniture out there. But when I rely on the doctrine or the concept of curdle Ege to point a gun at someone who's just walking onto my back a deck, I would think it was odd. I would be glad I was armed. I would be very watchful of them to see if they present a threat to me. I see a weapon or I see some threat to my personal safety. They're getting shot. It's the simple trespass onto the deck isn't enough. Cause we don't really know in a self defense context. What the health curdle A jeevan is The more fence and barricaded in private, the more likely it isthe. Curdle. It becomes really interesting in the McCloskey context because they're in his private gated neighborhood. I was stolen that would not rely on that. I think where that case is going to come down. Is whether they feared for their safety because of the violence threatened by these people. Trespassed into the neighborhood if not broke through a gate. There are multiple reports They were armed. Multiple reports that they threatened the McCloskey's because he talks about this God clicking to pistol magazines together and threatening his life. Okay, Now someone threatened you, and the sheer number of them increases the reasonable nous of you fearing for your life. It's a big mob. It's loud and violent and threatening. Don't you start fearing for your life pretty damn quickly. Don't you fear that serious bodily injury? That's necessary in the general self defense. Context where you don't even need to rely on Castle doctrine. They're not trying to break in. You're home. Okay? We don't know whether the front yard just curdle Ege. I would be doubtful that wins. If they're threatening your life. Now you fear for that serious bodily injury. Now you're legally just fine and pointing a firearm. I think that's where this case is going to come down. We're right at the core where we take a break. We come back. We'll go to the phone lines. We've had some folks on hold for a while. Including Anne, who wants to talk about the McCloskey situation. So, Annie, Thanks for your patience, Lee areas. Well, we'll be right back to you. After we take this break. This is guy Relford on the gun Guy Show on 93 WNBC. This is what's happening. Shots were fired downtown.

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