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A few weeks ago at a medical conference in toronto things got heated and that's putting it nicely the conference was the canadian consortium for the investigation of cannabinoid 's and in attendance were scientists who study cannabis physicians pharmacists and nurses they were all there to discuss what should happen with canada's medical marijuana policy when the drug becomes legal for anyone to use when the canadian medical association started to explain their position things got ugly that position in a nutshell the powerful medical body wants to wash their hands of the medical marijuana program once the drug is legal well others disagree strongly and that led to booing hissing and ultimately the cme representative walking out well today we're going to explore the science behind both sides of this debate dr mark where is executive director of the consortium that organized the conference he's also an associate professor in the departments of family medicine anesthesia at mcgill university he studies medical cannabis and he's an ottawa and dr jeff black moore is the physician who walked out of the conference he's the vice president of medical professionalism with the canadian medical association and we caught up with him in riga latvia dr wear dr black moore welcomed corks and quirks thank you thank you dr bachmann let's start with you just briefly because we're going to this in more detail in a moment why do you think candidate should abandon its medical cannabis system sure well basically the view of the cna is that this is a system that the physicians of canada through the cna did not ask for in fact we were fairly vocal in opposition to this type of system and it was really the result of a court decision that meant that physicians had to regulate access to substance that by large is is really not scientifically proven to be effective in.

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