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I'm Sabrina shore in for David Brancaccio. The minimum wage is going up in Arkansas, and Missouri voters there approved increases in Tuesday's elections that makes more than twenty states that have done. So in recent years. Meanwhile, congress has an increase the federal minimum wage and almost a decade. Marketplace's Mary Barra has more up until now it's mostly been blue states passing minimum wage hikes. But on Tuesday to red states passed him to over the next few years, the minimum wage will rise to eleven bucks an hour in Arkansas and twelve in Missouri. The federal minimum wage is still seven twenty five an hour. David Cooper is an analyst at the Economic Policy Institute. I think that as the gap between workers in states that have raised their minimum wage and workers in states that have chosen not to grows it's not gonna put more pressure on congress to do something. But Jared Bernstein at the center on budget and policy priorities says it'll be hard to get a minimum wage hike through a Republican controlled Senate. That doesn't wanna raise labor costs for companies. I wouldn't assume that because there have been all these positive state ballot measures on the minimum wage at the federal government is ready to move. They've resisted that aggressively particularly Republicans last week White House economic adviser Larry cudlow said he didn't think there should be a federal minimum wage at all. I'm maryelle cigar for marketplace. Also on Tuesday, three of the country's most conservative states voted to expand Medicaid, providing health coverage to hundreds of thousands of low income residents. This was a major part of ObamaCare that only eight years ago. These states were refusing to implement has been Bradford looks at what's changed. In two thousand ten protesters filled the grounds of the capital as a democratic.

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