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More at stories, WFP dot com slash d c e o peace, traffic and weather together on the eights. It's been a day till tine in the w T o p traffic center again in Greenbelt on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, north pound fire rescue units that a crash north of NASA Goddard one lane one line only getting by and likewise south bound on the parkway. Recurring purple Line work for the bridge project at 4 10 Riverdale Road on Ly one South bound Lane gets by 50 at the Bay Bridge authorities air telling one off the eastbound span, blocking the left lane. One right lane is getting by on that span westbound. A little heavy with two lanes to work with toward Broadneck. On the outer loop from Alexandria to oxen Hill to land over to little slowdowns. Local lanes across the Wilson Bridget, so work stone in the local lanes. The right lane blocked and then passed joint base, Andrews and Exit nine. They should be set up on the left side. No Beltway delays in Virginia 66 works owned a laser manageable and what you'd expect through the narrow stretches between the Beltway and 50 and eastbound between Falls Church in Boston, where is usual, The left lane gets by resting near Lake and at the Wheelie Avenue bearing Cameron after Intersection crash around noon. Two vehicles to serious centuries and investigation. Wheelie is blocks south of that intersection between Northern North Shore. And therein, Cameron eastbound, They're in Cameron block near Lake and and westbound. Traffic on barren Cameron from Route seven does get by 95 3 95 No complaints between the Pentagon, Quantico and Fredericksburg W. T O P Reporters are driven by Fitzgerald Auto Mall shop to.

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