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Of mine. Twenty one years in public life. But i'm afraid the underlying conditions remain and it would be irresponsible. I think If i didn't say very clearly that those underlying conditions do remain across sides and they're all some alarming aspects of where we are inequality has risen community. Resilience is lower as a result of both the pandemic but will serve as a result to significant cuts to local authorities. I young people law Really experiencing pain hardship and a mental health crisis to some extent and unsafe for all of those reasons. I think we've got to take very very seriously this. Ten-year moment we've got to revisit. The review that was set up. And we've got some redouble our efforts across communities half a billion pounds worth of damage five pink lost their lives on hundreds of police. Officers were injured This was a seriously bleak time and we should reflect very very carefully at what happened and what we can do to avoid it again. Just funny david. Let me just called Talking to you because it was in your top constituents started talk. Sadly has a has a history of what association with with what is one wanted to. Maybe try and look for the positive a bit. How are things currently in your patch. Um how do people fit their fill. Ten years on and other signs of having outlined all of the worrying signs of this could be repeated others. Let's focus on positives about what's happening them. It's a resilient community. We've got wonderful. Wonderful charities organizations doing their utmost Later on today i will be on tottenham high road with faith leaders coming together To reflect on all the progress that has been made and with an organization hiring engaged citizens. So if you walked up the top pyro today it would be hard to recognize. The burnt out. buildings the bricks and broken glass that existed ten years old. I mean it's amazing. How at least physically. The environment has changed so there is much that is positive and is also important to recognize that even in relation to those riots. The vast majority of young people and families matron ci represent remained terrified in their hoods during those four days of rioting did not participate in the riots and indeed here and taught them because of the media coverage. And what have you the required. A lot of opportunist that came across the country to participate in that writing many of whom did know. Mark duncan had nothing to do with duck. So i remained positive optimistic and hopeful about the community that i represent david. Lemme lay p for tottenham and shot a just accessory speaking to me earlier reflecting on what happened in his constituency. Well back in twenty eleven. That's summer the trouble. Broke out of tottenham a than sit in enfield waltham stoves but into other areas including bromley camden clapham croydon ealing hackney lewisham and woolwich across the capital and within days it reached the parts of the country birmingham west palm manchester salford leicester wolverhampton all soul trouble but one of the most iconic images form. The vase was the fire which engulfed cordons oldest independent furniture shop. The house of leaves. This is the owner graham speaking to channel four news back in two thousand eleven and so this a tragedy for generations of family and offices absolutely had it was violence.

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