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Stream it live or on demand boop she has tonight zero all right welcome back michael kao whom travis sheridan and we're talking about bayer and monsanto right now the big case was in st louis which is talked about geo you in cortex a big big conference geospace now the same week in the same region st louis the big ag launched reneged showcase their and you know what's interesting either one of those were held at the convention center like these these conferences are being held throughout the region the okay kgb over in the dan arab the geospace o nationwide cortex innovation district it's interesting to see these small 5000 means is but the ones where you could really meets dragged business deals there happen these small pockets of town travis and i again or at the gop yukon let's jump over to crave core hey by the way this just shows the whole regions benefiting by need well let's go to krief core the danforth plant science center in listen to my conversation with percy who's the head research and development hence so what brings you part of the bears are turning to tell and saw was what did you keynote speech the case that he's actually great events by bring the loss of entrepreneurs a young startupcompanies brutal sosa corporate folks imf and venture capitalist to look at exciting developments in agricultural technology uh uh uh here's to talk about collaboration because uh we have enormous front of us in terms of a very repopulation it's getting bigger all the time sustainable way john we need to s would new technology hence we want to cooperate with some of the companies that are developing new idea citing technology and science was just going to ask the the role that these small startups have and algeria approach they have what is it these days with these small startup companies that even the big multinational corp of taking you know the twoman picky you'd better somewhere it's really means science and technology there are so many advances in so many different areas and i think a lot of these ideas are coming out of universities so i'm academic research institutions and a big companies like barra aridi open to us can to collaborate with these these types.

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