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In history goodbye coast to. Coast continues on five seventy k., l. i. f. Welcome. Back Glenn Kramer go with us? Of course we're talking about. His. Book spirits and stone Glenn where do you get the book You get the book well of course Amazon. But if. You have a good local. Bookstore you go in there and see if they have it. Or asked them to order it Like, to promote local by local and local bookstore or did you have fun writing the book I had a blast because, I got to spend a lot of time out in the woods wandering around and you know keeps me out, of trouble and some exercise and fresh air When you started looking at, these structures for the very first time were you in all I was and I and I I have, to say when when I made this connection with the. Drako Petra for my overlook mountain I was I was in disbelief for half, a day. So we had we had an GPS specialists on the New York, state museum Susan Sweeney She came out again probably almost ten years ago now I wanna say it was two thousand, eight and she did a survey of the site on. Overlook mountain and documented about forty six small Karen and sixth grade Karen's into, circuit laws Excuse me And a couple. Of springs so she plotted all this on a topographical map and sent it. To me and when I first, saw it what struck me really were the the rows of. Smaller carriage these are the ones that are probably forty feet four to five feet high and about the, same wide and they were in, crested rose just. Lined up and, to me that was that was what struck me is something that was interesting lesson to a about a year later that I looked to plot and one of, my friends Dave holding had suggested that maybe it, was a, you know some of these stone constructions connected to make a star map with. The constellation I was so much skeptical of this because there are so many of them up there that, you could, you know kind of cherry picking and create all kinds of designs by connecting. The dots so I decided just to just to focus on the, large constructions there were eight large constructions. Up there The six giants were, great Karen to the two serpent effigy was all of these. Structures are between sixty and one hundred feet and legs so he decided to just those and connect the, dots and the only possible matter, possible and and. When when I, did I compared it to chart of the northern hemisphere star charts and only one came anywhere close and that was Drako and it matched very closely I was, just blown away by how close this configuration on, the mountain, of these stone constructions connected in a way that mirrored this constellation in the. Sky so I got a can I didn't know anything about Drako you know I started researching it and, found out, that it was one of the most important constellations thanks you methodology it was. Recognized by the ancient Chinese ancient Greece the ancient Persians ancient counts, ancient Norse all ancient cultures most recognized Drako as a serpent snake in the sky so having made this connection this correlation on overlooked I got. Some astronomy software and I put in the coordinates of overlook mountain to see what was in the sky above it and sure enough there was drako's sitting. In the sky always above. There was overlook mountain and that's. Because as, I mentioned Drako is marking celestial north and I believe overlook mountain and this Petra form that, was built. On it was also Mark as a beacon marking, celestial north for, anybody at, abuse of, this mountain which is extensive You can see this thirty miles directions so so yeah I was I always certainly in all of. That and and it just kind of, scratching my head for half a day say it how, can this be This And since then I believe we had one similar kind of a Tiffany. Discovery that's the association I made with dance camera the point The Hudson river. In the mouth of the creek across the river slightly And that's also a very important celestial relationship between that, point of land on the river and and the mouth of the creek Dance Gummer was actually named by the crew of Henry Hudson ship As she was sailing up, the Hudson on his third voyage and discovery in sixteen o nine his crew witnessed, a ceremony taking place on a, point of land, on the Hudson about forty miles north of Manhattan and you know natives paint their bodies painted Dancing and chanting, and, around the ring fires Reported in, the log, of the Half Moon, and Screw immediately called this devil worship dance camera point which means devil's dance chambers But why why was this point so important and when I, found it that in, align summer solstice alignment with the mouth of the creek right across the river I understood why this was such an important. Spiritual place where they would have held their ceremonies were, some of these structures Glenn built to keep things, in or keep things out Well it depends on, what those things are I think they in many cases they were a they were built in a way to be a transition between worlds so there's a lot of symbolism there Yes and this strong. Connection to the to the sky world And the underworld there are many symbolic, relationships around, around many ancient cultures, that have to do with you know elements of this guy elements of the obey subterranean worlds coming together and being joined. In the in the plane of living here on the surface did they have any practical purpose or? Was. It more as you've just mentioned this more esoteric reason I think they did. Have practical purposes I think they, they were multi purpose as I mentioned earlier I think they were The case the chambers they certainly had a right a shelter and many of these. Large stones the large boulders that documents are not. Just what we would call calendar stones and that they allied with this but they're also compass does oriented. To the directions they'll have no noses or prominent faces and coins, that have been oriented to north, south east and, west usually north, south east and west south sounds not so much documented but a few instances of that but knowing directions north, south east west to ancient. Cultures was extremely important and they didn't. Have the kind of compasses we had. Today magnetic needles they, did it more through Understanding the. Movements of the sky and And condition on certain days of the year at the sunrise sunset that allowed them to understand, pretty accurately where north. East south, west these different orientations worth and they they let these markers scattered across the land and acting both has calendars and this compasses, so doesn't get more practical than now let's go to. The phones now west of, the. Rockies Arnie is. In, granite, bay California go ahead, Ernie yeah hi I'm from California now. But. I grew up in that area okay my, father had a farm in Hyde Park When I on my bike under ten I. Lived on and my grandparents, had. A hotel and. Pine, plains, I'm sure these names, are also Hyde Park is were Roosevelt. Was. Right Dr yeah right on the Hudson Yup In. Fact Man I can attest to the stone structures that were built by their LA people because I got my, for example my father. Is fine the vibe, wire fences followed all the stonewalls and a lot of. The stonework that was their way before that in. Colonial time but The common comment I. Wanna make because I did a lot of research on the air Klay Indian and. They're in the mohawk lived in that, area and one of the striking things I've found I'm looking, at pictures that I could pull up. On the very. Earliest Cam pictures goofy of Eric why was they didn't look like the other American Indians. Mahogany in. The air corps I don't. Know which tried there was but they have, very similar features to Europeans and and I I couldn't understand that how that. Was why was different and I really, mused about the culture and also their statue was a. Little bit different they were they were not really short you've, heard of the European and it's a it's a question there. On the, culture and where they where they came from but the question I had was regarding I would like to go, to some of those. Sites 'cause I'm going, back to my high school reunion this October not like. To go to some of those sites to see. But The problem that I would think. I would. Account because having grown up. There now the area most of all the, land is private you know it's not like out here in the west where. We have the land public land where, you can walk walk all over the place are those. Are those sites visible can person just go and visit them, and also do you have a tour that you would offer, somebody Yes and yes The you're right most of these sites are, on private property and I take pains in my book not to disclose their location to protect them. From being disturbed but there are a few sites that are, on DC land New York State Department, of environmental conservation and and they..

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