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Said, absolutely, the pay was not good but I was in Tucson my underwear doing. Afternoons in San Diego which is one of the country's greatest markets. Absolutely. So I jumped into it with all the fever and passion really had a good time I. Did it live they sent an engineer out and set up a comrades and it was really fun and I really really really enjoyed it I flew out there for a couple of gigs met everyone in the building guy different vibe about that building I'd worked for a corporation corporate entity for so many years for twelve years and I was used to the way things worked clear channel and I got such a different family. Explain it but just a good vibe and I remember coming home back to Tucson. Just with such a great taste my mouth, what a cool building that was and I said something something different about that place in San Diego and you decide how does the program director or Fred Fred Decides to leave I think he went to Hawaii and and. called. Greg. Wolfson and said, can I raise my hand to to the next PD OF Z and magic and Greg said WHO's a great Guy Greg. Said Well, you know we've we've had beers before I know you don't want to get back into local radio full-time. What do you? Would you talk about? Well, you know this group is different in that I think I'd like to give it a try and I remember him saying you she can handle everything I'm like well, I I need a music. Director because I hate logs eight cactuses. But if you give me a music director and and I think I'm going to do it and long story short. Yeah I got the GIG and I remember calling you Chachi because I was I was very hesitant I still do you remember the doubt that I had? Yeah. Sure. Because here I was living on the beach Brazil, doing slow jams, taking naps working out having fun making great money..

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