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One, but two Christina's Marconi awards for his broadcast episodes one and only. Bill Cunningham Billy Cunningham. Thanks for listening this Sunday night June. The twenty eighth and we're going to cover the krona virus covid nineteen global deaths American deaths, the media now is fixated on on putting the hat on the head of Texans and Floridians and those who live in Arizona talking about how great New York did every every night, or so you have quick quick Chris Cuomo with with Andrew, Cuomo the governor, talking back and forth about what a great job and everyone's promoting. Promoting New York maybe maybe governor Murphy in New Jersey s the bellwether happen so I ran the tale of the tape again about six o'clock tonight having tried to watch some of the media coverage Dustin Johnson did win the golf tournament after an hour, so rain delay, but I have some facts and figures in the CNN the Clinton News Network, the really the Cable Opinion Network constantly tells us than America. Does a worse job than any other country on earth as far as. From cove, nineteen I have those figures I'm going to share with you also later on I have on Jack Windsor. It's going to be here to talk about Some of the research is done television journalists talk about California, Texas Arizona Florida and Ohio also later on his Ken. Kuch Nellie, who's the interim acting homeland security secretary and he's going to talk about the monuments and what's happening to guard them? Let's get the facts you know. Facts are stubborn things I. have a I have a nice relationship with the Great State of Florida. Florida's Saturday deaths for the past eight weeks in May and June, so let's go the last eight Saturdays on. The going back to the first part of May, so they were fifty, forty, seven, forty seven deaths, forty, three, thirty, one, forty, seven forty today on Saturday and Florida Twenty six, which is the lowest. It's been since April, so the death rate is the president. Keep saying thank. God is going down as the infection rate is going up. Not because all of the infections have been discovered his suppose time you go to a hospital today, no matter what it is, you're tested also nursing homes. The governors are much doing a much better job now. Testing those in nursing homes, so the confirm case. Cases in the United States is about two, million, six, hundred, thirty, seven, thousand, according to the CDC ten times that of already contracted virus, and there and they've recovered from it so to speak me without any symptoms, which means there should be about twenty, six, million infected. American, so far, which is still far far cry from. We have to go about twelve times that number. Number now to give you a confirmed case fatality rate right now it's four point. Eight seven percent, which is low compared to other nations I'll give you those also, but I if the confirmed cases are one tenth of.

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