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In Dia's picks up the safe. Okay, and one to nothing on Ho home. 28 scoreless innings for side Graham. One hit allowed. He was such in command goes the five inning, 72 pitches, 48 strikes 28 consecutive innings on the metropolitan record are a Dickey with 42. Consecutive scoreless innings side Graham Yawn whole, Um, looking as good as he has been since he has put on a metropolitan uniforms. And yes, you can say it. And yes, you would be right. There are good pictures around in the game. Garrett Cole with the New York Yankees map. Sure, Zehra will know Max. He struck out 11. He's grade. Also gave up a couple of long drives and hard hits. We know from that, but nonetheless, I Guam unequivocably without a doubt the best pitcher in the game. So of course a no decision and by the way in his last 10 starts At Citi Field against the Atlanta Braves, with a 1 50 in are a side Graham is two and seven with a no decision. Isn't that something? How typical How regular How all the time they do not score. Four Jacob deGrom, All right. There is one other right And then we'll check the brake and get right away to your telephone calls. They small is number one. That's with the match Mountains today. The Yankees from last night. And again. What is this? With Jamal Adams again? We hadn't heard from him in about 10 seconds and who was next for Jamal Adams? He's been on Woody Johnson for the issue, as you know, over in the UK with alleged racist and sex is calm, and so now is on Adam Gaze. And also Joe Doug ALS. Why, While he wants out why broken promises and mixed messages have led him to social media. Accusing everybody associated with the Jets for the extension That has income so he wants to go. And what do you get in return when you consider equal value? For your best defend some flyer, if indeed they go about trading him and you would be thinking Mohr now than not Discuss this we can do but the lead story, of course, opening day. In the city of field in Queens, Washing in New York and the metropolitans want to know with 59 to go as are the Yankees. That's on the table is well, of course. The season. If so, shored the Atlanta Braves are now close to being mathematically eliminated. And if you remember, by the way, the bottom of the sixth inning from this afternoon, Alonso found one off down the right field wine and work out it hit. A cardboard cut out in the face, but But but, but thank goodness that cut out is okay. Since you could see for the rest of the game. He was still smiling after taking the hit so no harm, no foul. With nobody getting hurt and those at bats. You know where I mean. Today of you didn't get much, obviously, from Alonzo. I tell you who look very good for the metropolitans. This afternoon. He hit the ball very hard. Was Brandon Nemo leading off and I'm going to tell you it was a surprise, even though we had heard before the game. That Robinson Cano was not going to be batting number three Good news and Edwin D. As survives the ninth inning. And the New York metropolitans with the Cuban dove factor they wanted by the score of one to nothing. And, of course, last night in the rain shortened game, all the really thunder provided Of by the New York Yankees, and all Washington could provide was the weather No. From the 18773376.

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