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I think the main thing about having a good running game. You gotta believe in running game. And your whole team has to receivers your offense of line. You get a guy that gets gets positive yards. Just like Peterson did last year you feel like man, I got somebody that could get the job done. And so I mean, you always looking for those guys that can once it gets line scrimmaging get that extra two three yards. And that's something that we've always looked for the rest of their draft. I don't know how deep you would go with any of these guys, but they drafted west Martin a guard from Indiana in the late latter portion of the fourth round Ross, peer. Dr a guard center from Alabama coal Holcomb from North Carolina Kelvin hormone wide receiver that a lot of people thought would go earlier from North Carolina State a corner from J M U Jimmy Moreland in defensive end from Oklahoma state. Jordan, braille for'de do you have any did you have any opinions or did you see any of those guys? You know, I didn't really study them enough to really have opinion. Okay. The I heard different opinions from different people. But I did look at those guys. Those guys myself. Watch you know, twenty or thirty highlight plays on them not enough to really give you my opinion. But you liked sweat a whole lot in terms of his upside. And you feel the same about MacLaurin the wide receiver from Ohio staff. Yeah. I really liked those guys and on Haskins. I mean you've shared with us. You know, what you think the concerns would be? But also what the strengths are. Is it a guy does your gut tell you? It's a guy that's gonna take a little while and that the organization needs to be patient with once to anytime, you're on a different system from college, and pro football, it's been take a little while it won't take long to figure out how easy it is. For a guy like asking to stepping up into the pockets slide be able to go through progressions how quickly does but you'll see very very quickly, or at least the first month is a natural as gonna take a little bit longer and process of you know, going through. Through your your rates your coverages, and is something that takes some time. But some guys can do it very quickly other guys it takes a little bit longer. But the thing that he has such great arm strength. He such physical player that you know, he can make all the throws as soon as you figure out if he can processing quickly go from first second third receiver. And he does that then you've got somebody very special. But you do think that it's one of those things because what I'm hearing from you is you get through a few mini camp and training camp practices. You're going to have a really good sense. As to you know. What he's capable of. Or how long it's going to take. Without a question. I think, you know, very quickly on, you know, this is gonna take awhile. But it doesn't mean a guy can't get it. Right by you know, what you're saying half a season. And you may go half a season saying my God. This guy has picked it up record -ly or just the opposite. You know? This guy's gonna is gonna take some more time we have we can see the physical attributes. But you know, the process of being a quarterback in national football is more just great arms rate than being physical guy, and, you know, call place. I mean, you gotta go through the process very quickly and very few guys can do it. And once you have one of those guys try not to lose them look on there. There've been so many reports over the last going back to the night before the draft the day of the draft the days after and I'm sure you're familiar with some of them about how Haskins was a Dan Snyder. You know, put his fist down on the table. This is our guy, and you know, I've learned and from a lot of the reporting out there that that not all the football people neces-. -sarily were were in line with with you know, Haskins. Fifteen do you have you know?.

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