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It ignores the depletion of resources like groundwater. And Topsoil and the web of living species and ignores the distribution of incomes and net worth so that we have when GDP goes up. People Cheer Tooth, two percent three percent. Wow, four percent, and they think great, but it's accompanied by vast increases in pollution, chronic under-investment in public goods. The depletion of irreplaceable natural resources and the worst inequality crisis we've we've seen in more than one hundred years. That is threatening the future of both capitalism and democracy, so we have to change it. We have to reform it so reform capitalism, but don't throw it out. We're going to need it as a tool as we go forward if it's solve this. Yeah I think that's right and just one other point. The worst environmental abuses in the last hundred years have been in jurisdictions that experimented during the twentieth century with the alternatives to capitalism on the left and right. Interesting all right. Let's have one more question here. You encouraged by the ability of people to quickly adapt to the new normal due to covid nineteen as evidence that people can and will change their habits to respond to climate change. Yes, but I think we have to keep in mind. That there is a crisis within this crisis. The impact on the African American community which I mentioned before. On the lack, the next skin community indigenous peoples, the highest infection rate is in the nomination right now, so some of these questions. Appear different late to those who who are really getting the brunt of this crisis and It is unacceptable that we allow this. To continue, it feels one way to you and me, and perhaps too many our audience today, but for low income communities of color. It's an entirely different crisis, and we owe it to them and to all of us. To get busy and start using the best science and solve this. The you know the the phrase pandemic economic somebody said the first principle. Pandemic economics take care of the van Democ, and we're not doing that yet. We're seeing. The president tried to boost the economy for his reelection. Never mind the prediction of tens of thousands of additional American deaths and that is just unforgivable in my opinion, so I'll you along with others in the community played a key role in encouraging Ted to. Launch this initiative called countdown. Thank you for that and I guess this conversation will is continuing among many of us if you're interested in climate watching this. Check out the countdown website. At countdown not Ted Dot Com and Be Part of ten ten, twenty twenty. When we're trying to put out an alert the world, the climate can't wait that that it really matters and that there's going to be some amazing content free to the world on that day. Just that. Thank you feel inspiration and support in doing that I. Wonder whether you could end today's session just by just painting us a picture. Like how might things roll out over the next decade or so? Just tell it tell us whether there is still a story of hope here. I'll be glad to forgive. I gotta get one plug in I'll make it brief July eighteen through July twenty six..

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