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The Federal Emergency Management agency has declared widely Twenty-one counties eligible for federal aid. The federal disaster designation from FEMA will allow city and county governments state agencies. Some nonprofits and religious institutions to be paid back for money used to repair buildings and infrastructure more than four months after hurricane Florence better. The state rivers of waste are still flowing into landfills at eastern North Carolina in amounts that landfill managers say they have never seen before uprooted rooted trees broken furniture, sodden carpet, soggy sheet, rock smashed fencing, crush carports and moldy clothing make up the mix of items destroyed by the September storm and flooding the trash piling up at some sites may not be disposed of until summer. Three men in Wake County are accused of trying to extort. People who answered an online sex ad police say Charles Wade, the third and rahmael Thompson of Raleigh worked with a Chicago man to extort and blackmail people using an escort website three victims say when they went to meet up with the person they met online they learned they were being recorded then threatened with public humiliation. If they didn't pay up three suspects are all charged with conspiracy, and extortion and someone in western North Carolina may have a huge winning the lottery ticket in their pocket. State lottery officials say a ticket that won two million dollars in Saturday's Powerball drawing was sold at the public's on Greenville highway in hendersonville. The odds were almost one in twelve million stake. Follow us on social media, go to one zero six one FM talk dot com to connect. We are enjoying the warm up.

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