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What what a dream? So he's so dreamy. It has it has it. Triple Dc does has the knuckle puck. Oh, man. The bash bash brothers. Keenan thompson. Jussie smollet. The biggest name TV today. Pacey? Actual name is Joshua Jackson. I haven't said at one pacey jussie smollet. Canaan? Kevin cost heaven Costner this movie has it all. All right. Oh, it's mighty dog. We did the dumbest sports moving bracket. Here's the thing. If we wanted to prep for that. You gotta like read all the do all the movies. I'm sure we could have done it better. I think baked Alaska should've one if I'm on doing other one. All right. Shall we say right now what we're gonna do next week's next week bracket is. That's right. This is a real one. You could give. Pretty go ahead next week sprocket. Sorry, really. Table tipping cable over next week's bracket. Is bagged snacks week. We're going to do bracket of bagged snacks. Actually, you're shoving the table. What's happening just excited? I know, but you've gotta calm down bags fat snacks. So if you have a bag snack suggestions that you would like to see in the bracket. Can't promise. It Steve's not gonna go rogue, but tweet them at Katie Nolan more at hey, hey, Jay Wolfe with two. Because then he it's his job to compile them as true. So tweet at us, and we will may put them in. We'll bag snack. And we decided that that meant any snack that was in a bag. Right. But that was a great recap. Ashley. But we've decided because I was like, well, you know, sometimes you get those like peanut butter crackers sandwiches. Those are technically in like sealed in a bag and actually had a great point that I was trying to say which was a bagged snack is an indeterminate number of items. So it's like if you can tell that they're six that you're getting it's not a bag snack. It's like you got a bag of Cheetos a bag of Lay's chips bag of sour cream and onion chips. You know what I mean? Yeah. So like Pringles don't count this on a bag. No, that's famously famously and can that you can also drink wine out of if you're just not in the parking lot of a WalMart. We need to get to the next because I'm very excited about this the voice mail. You know, the advocate. Okay. Before we get to our last voicemail this podcast. Also brought to you by by me undies. I'm really nervous. If you're this excited. It's not a surprise..

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