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Is. Is Different and very enjoyable, and and it's just it's just different than any other type of sport, and I can tickets to the bearcats to bomb, basketball games and but and evidence to that what I would tell you. Yesterday I went out and bought me a handheld radio off. Just Resting So With that said I have five reasons why. Putting a runner on second base is a good is a good thing, okay? Okay, I one is. you know there was a time where there was some question about to be h, and how this any different than bringing something new into the leak than the D. H. is okay or was twenty years ago whenever that was. And I would argue that it is a less of a change. Get put a run on second base in an extra inning game. That rarely happens than it is bringing in the. Let. Your I think the reds played fifteen extra inning games all of last season. It's not like I think people freak out because they think it's going to happen all the time. It's GONNA happen a couple times a year. And number two is. It's fair for both teams. It's the same for both teams. Okay and number three is. Following up on being fair as that it keeps fans interest just. you know because there's been a complaint that that the goal is to speed up the game bottle of law, and and and that's that's GonNa help that. number four is the players are shooting themselves in the foot because they're. They're gonNA. You know if they don't feed up the game if they do things to like like the reds. Community Fund and and develop the the the younger element. I'm sixty so I'm a I'm a reds fan for life. I was born in born and bred Cincinnati and diet since I read saying, but but my my grandchildren aren't i. say that though they either need to involve evolve. Million dollar contracts. Yes. And There's a bunch of them have million dollar contracts law. GonNa go away. The game goes way. And then when the fifth reason is strategy, it brings back some small Bo-. Yes, it does I, if you I coast travel softball ten years, and and that's what that's what they do in softball games is run on a second base, and it changes the whole strategy, the game and the first thing you need to do blunt that girl over two third. And or you know because? Right now it's okay. We're GONNA win the game winning home run. No. They're not. GonNa win the game with a home run. You need because it's. GonNa hit a home run team's GonNa. Run over to third third base and then hit a fly. The strategy to I think it's GonNa. Be Fascinating to see how teams play at once. They do get extra innings. They don't play like. If they don't play like you do on the softball game, I'd be surprised because you know if you're gonNA. Take. Take three cracking somebody many somebody hitting a single scored him, or are you gonna come over and then and then and then get back. I. I can't wait to find out John. I enjoyed this call again sometime all right. There I'm sorry that was Jimmy. Jimmy I'm sorry I see Bryan. Who's on the board? And also let's go here. A Johnny's in to John Welcome to sportstalk. Thank you Lance Lance I. Just wanted to say really thank you. Greater Cincinnati area. Okay, the only good thing to come out of this virus. Is We got You've got the showcase your talent. You are one talented individual you go. You've made my night to let me. Leave you with this. I was disappointed in you one time. What did I do? It's not what you did. Twiggy went out K line passed away. He read all his stats all his achievements. You left out one. His name is on Transistor Radio Batteries. Flashlight batteries. It didn't mention that God. Love your. Well. Great Night Right? Yeah me going. I don't know what am I doing today. I get it as good all right, thank you for the The very kind words down the stretch, and on this date in reds history. Squeeze in what we can before gambling van nine to midnight here on seven hundred tell. You!.

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