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Bigger sharks. And ultimately giant reptiles geology controls destiny in the sense that biology has to adapt to the stage that it's put on it was a drama that might have continued if an asteroid hadn't hit the earth in wiped out the giant reptiles and their dinosaur. Cousins opening a door to us the furry little mammals, Christopher Joyce NPR news scores of children who were kidnapped from a boarding school in Cameroon earlier this week have been reunited with their families. The authorities say the kids were released by an unidentified gunmen. This is all happening amid mounting tension between Cameroon's minority English-speaking regions and the. Majority. French-speaking government NPR's ofeibea Quist arcton says two staff members from the school are reportedly still being held. Initial cries of anguish gave way to relief after two days of heartache when some of the nearly eighty missing school children met up with their parents in Bamenda Cameroon's northwest commercial hub, this fifteen year old girl whose family preferred anonymity says the worst part of their captivity was walking barefoot in the Bush. The Dow was it striking very very long distances. Well, we started a journey at night under let us read with Aaron judge the students were kidnapped before dawn on Monday in Cameroon's, restive English speaking region, which has been plagued for the past two years, by instability and increasing violence between the security forces and armed separatists, the rebels accused Maroons dominant French-Speaking government of discrimination against their to anglophone regions and they're vowing to establish a breakaway Republic both sides blame each other. For the mass kidnapping Cameroon's eighty-five year old president Paul Biya made no concessions to the secretaries telling them to lay down their arms..

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