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Slash radio Now Time again for KCBS traffic and weather and we'll get to that six day forecast, but not before we talk traffic with Kim Vestal Who has good news that for a couple of bad back ups this time around this update brought you by lucky and Lucky, California First of all, Santa Rosa at really slow ride, a North bound one of one Behind an entry crash before you along the avenue is clear. We had three lanes blocked. They're backed up into Rohnert Park. Traffic is starting to thin out and in Cordelia similar situation Injury crash North bound 6 80 on the ramp to eastbound Interstate. 80 has also been moved to the right hand shoulder was backed up to Gold Hill there, and if you're Friday getaway is taking you to well into Tracy or Highway five. That direction we have a serious backup on Highway five in Leith Rip. Because of an injury crash North bound direction at Laser Brody and it's got traffic backed up onto 205 and Tracy and I can also see nearby You're right on the Altamont Pass is still moving well below the speed limit that it's moving between North Livermore Avenue and 205 Every great holiday season starts with a lucky and lucky California checklist. Got baking ingredients on the list. Check holiday drinks. Double check this week, You got to put a Christmas tree on the list. 6 to 7 Ft. Douglas firs and incredible 32. 99 lucky and Lucky. California the Golden State of eating next update 6 58 on the traffic leader, KCBS. Manzini Sleep World six Day forecast we have with us right now. K p I x five's Poul Hagen. The first wave of showers moved in a little faster than anticipated. So be prepared for wet roads as we head into the afternoon.

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