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Kfbk Tonight will be clear and seasonably cool. Well, ceelo tonight 45 to 49. Tomorrow and Wednesday. Mostly sunny and warm. The high Election day tomorrow will be 78 82 Wednesday will reach a high 79 to 83 I'm AccuWeather's Drew Shannon News, 93.1 kfbk, Roseville, 75 77 L. Grove 72 in Eldorado Hills. At 501, your top national story President Trump and Challenger Joe Biden making their last campaign runs today because it's election Eve, and some are concerned about how long it's going to take to actually determine a winner. Here's NBC's political director Rick Klein. You're going to get a lot of early vote out of Florida at a Georgia at in North Carolina out of Arizona. Out of Texas and Ohio. On and again any of those states turn blue on Donald Trump. Almost certainly can't be reelected doesn't mean you know, it's over doesn't mean anyone has 270 electoral votes. But there will be a lot of states with a lot of data coming out tomorrow. I know A lot of people are concerned about the pace of the vote, and it is a concern. But there are plenty of states that are going to report promptly. We believe lots of information. And you stay with this. Tomorrow night. We'll have a round the clock election coverage for you starting at four. Tomorrow on K P. K. More news. Now Here's Joe Michael's City Police departments from coast to coast are gearing up over the potential of election night unrest in America. ABC is Alex Stone reports from Washington from California. We're hardly 80 armed security guards to Rhode Island selection is Contentious and that we're preparing as we have been through here in Washington police departments are on high alert for tomorrow night. Many departments have emergency operation centers up and running. Others they're bringing in more resource is in case there is unrest as the results come in at, like stone ABC news as Washington as many across the country anticipate violence and maybe even unrest after tomorrow night's election. Business owners in Sacramento County are asking for help. KFBK is Brody Fernandez has the story. Several business owners throughout Sacramento County have reached out to the sheriff's Department for advice on what they should do to prepare for tomorrow night's election. Most of the calls we received from county business owners are people asking, should they be doing something, and historically, there have not been AA lot of problems in the county as Faras civil unrest. Sheriff's Department spokesman Sergeant Rodney Grass Man is also saying a large force will be present throughout The county and that all share of deputies are already on 12 hour shifts. We have got about a third of our personnel in mind you We are one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the north. So that's a lot of people that we have at our disposal if we need to utilize, folks Quickly. Brody Fernandez News 93.1 KFBK in the Pacific Northwest Oregon Governor Kate Brown is issuing an emergency declaration and readying National Guard troops for potential deployment in anticipation of election Day violence. Governor Brown says voter intimidation will not be tolerated I am urging or a gun hands across the state to stay calm, Cool and collected. Governor Brown says It may be a few days before election totals are finalized. We know from prior elections that Sometimes it takes a couple of days for the vote to be fully counted. That's not unusual. Here in Oregon, Brown says she'll use her authority to declare a state of emergency and that is going into effect at this hour and will remain in effect until five o'clock Wednesday. It'll be the second time in two months Brown is used in emergency declaration in preparation for possible political violence. President Trump, As you know, has been slamming cities like Portland and Seattle, calling them anarchist cities. Just last month, he called Portland, a city full of antifa radicals. Justice Amy Cockney Barratt joins Supreme Court arguments for the first time A. B C's and as Delacorte era has the latest from Washington just Azamiyah Cockney Barrett, beginning an active role in the U. S Supreme Court, joining oral arguments for the first time after a contentious confirmation battle that installed her just days before the general election. The justices are continuing to hear cases by phone during the pandemic, each taking a turn asking questions with little opportunity for interaction or debate, as would be typical in the courtroom. Justice Barritt as the newest member of the court was called upon last and as delicate Terra ABC NEWS Washington If you're in need of healthcare kfbk Ace Tailor, Martin tells us now is the time to enrol. Open enrollment for covered. California has begun. An open enrollment period is for people who don't have employer based coverage. Nearly two million people are eligible to renew this year. It will also be cheaper than expected. In August, It was announced that the preliminary rate change has gone down by 20.5% executive. Actor Peter Lee says the middle of a global pandemic is not the time to go unprotected. Taylor Martin NEWS 90.1 KFBK Blue dots are showing up outside the homes of Biden supporters in Roseville residents in one neighborhood, saying they're finding blue spray painted circles in front of their homes, but only if they had a visible. Biden Harris campaign sign. Targeted. Residents are saying their signs have not been removed nor damaged but they don't feel like the painted dots or accidental. The Roseville police say they don't believe the paint is maintenance related. It's 506 on the kfbk Afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil. Alright, Thank you, Joe and in leg assuage Oregon police they're investigating, too. Decapitated deer heads that were placed next to Biden, Harris and Black Lives matter Yard signs last week, police and like us, we go discover the heads at two different locations. One was found next to a Biden presidential campaign. At an inn sign at an intersection in the morning and then the other found on the front lawn of the home next to Black lives Matter Sign in the afternoon, a police spokesperson told NBC News in an email that no suspects have been arrested and an investigation..

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