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Why is the biggest challenge that you face who I feel like the challenges of probably changed throughout the last eleven years since I've started out, but at first it was definitely being taken seriously. Right. Yeah. Why is that? Go ahead men were used to seeing a woman talking about sports on camera. They figured okay. Well, you didn't play the game. How could you possibly know it as well as someone who did play the game? But then there's a lot of men who never played the game. True comment on that. Right. But you think that's changed? I think it's changed quite a bit. Because you see more and more women on the sidelines for more women in the booth. Yeah. Big time. Who's a who? Always. She calls NFL games. All the time. Danjus she's up in the I can't realize nothing of what is she calls. College names. Like big time games now, even bother me. But yeah, no more and more females in the booth and because you've always seen like Erin Andrews ham, Oliver they've always had sideline reporters and everything like that. It's cool to see how far women have made it in the industry, especially like in the booth and that kind of stuff because that's something that I never grew up with. I mean, I'm not gonna lie. My grandfather was not by any means like a racist, chauvinistic or anything like that. But she'd even he was thrown off the first time, you heard a woman commentating got us. Why a woman commentator? I was just like laugh. But that that makes you want to work harder. When you hear my brother was always the type that would say, oh, she looks cute. And then he would me at the TV. So that keeping back of my mind. I was like, okay. You know, what I got to work hard enough to where men don't wanna meet the media. Yeah. Look up to Suzy kolber has always been one of my favorite. She's so knowledgeable about the game. Trick loves her. Proposes to all time. Joe name. Oh, really? Oh my gosh. Yes. I'm never forget. That all my gosh. There. He was like hammered drunk, really fine. And she was interviewing him, and he's like, I wanna kiss you. Funny. I wanted to know because I read your article the really recent the one in Newsweek, okay, and it focus big part on. Yeah. He's semi all like damn like, I I mean, I had my questions but his role. Be prepared. The interview question that you got asked the you talked about in the Newsweek article, can you kinda just go over that a little bit just basically tell me 'cause I wanna know. Like from the time. The question was asked. What was the question? The question was. So it was give you the setting you're in an interview with NFL network. This is the second time I had interviewed with them. The first time I always before..

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