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The duma in the russians i am so confused by that yeah no that's really a an interesting point and there's a there's a lot to that subject an antibiotic kind of intersex the time line dana rohrabacher activities and it's trump tower meeting an interesting way now we know that dana rohrabacher went to moscow with the congressional delegation in the spring of 2016 couple months before this meeting i and he met with the russian prosecutor on that trip we believe he met with natalia that's on the guy they're threatening lawyer on that trip and then at some point he offered her the opportunity to tell two five before congress that was apparently what really brought her to the united states at the time when she had this trump tower meeting was he he was coming to testify before congress now we at the washington post reported that there was actually a behindthescene conflict between republicans on the hill and ed royce the republican chairman of the house as foreign affairs committee uh nixed that he could no thank you are not going to have it as russian lawyer uh sort of offering the russian government wine on the magnitsky ac uh testifying before a committee but that's what she thought she was doing she thought he was having this trump tower meeting as a sort of prelude to going to the hill on speaking out publicly yeah and and i'm just i i mean i'm i'm no i'm no conspiracy instead all but i just i am so curious if we're ever going to figure out why dana rohrabacher representative from orange county down in southern california seriously he was part of the reagan administrations brags about you know being in afghanistan and during the soviet war in afghanistan and his background they're fighting the come what happened that he suddenly is pro rush i just i'm so curious if there's some scandal here that.

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