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At evening eighteen minutes after the hour i had officially six tax from people say and joe come on man it's not man made sounds like a lot of people are seeing that weather patterns are cyclical and it's mother nature in its earth in its universal and it's an electric universe from the sun and conditions there and in our solar system not men made and they may very well be right i know one thing that's for sure people predicting donald j trump running for reelection any is emmys announced that and he's got a campaign manager and he's going forward and i'm glad he's going forward i certainly support him to this date and i supported and way back when when i was one of the few in the nation that supported him i still brag about that slate covering me me and howard stern and dilbert scott atoms and of course the morning joe joe scarborough who i'm not a fan of but yeah we nailed it so we'll see if he can win again let's go to that clip towards popping up this hour that president trump is planning on making a grand announcement that he will be running for president again in twenty twenty we have not independently confirmed this yet but our white house i reporters are working this story brad pass par scale i is expected to be named i his campaign manager he is the former digital adviser for the trump campaign there you go so going to be interesting to see what happens and how much of a bully member i'm in advertising i am an ad agency.

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