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Sort of the the worst possible time to cross up your catcher with the bases loaded double play situation in order one ball one strike to ki K. Hernandez here it is the sinker hello June one the road is charged to the record of Chris Stratton we got a third four cents over the second if you're back in normal depth up the middle two on one page loan three and one Dodger bullpen had had sinned Rania a left handed now he is joined out there by charge one three in one account it comes at the lease contract we got close like they're photo mark as he can and just took a step toward first the computerized right so did read that one is being right at the bottom of the strike zone full count pitch here with two runners in scoring position we get third Forsythe at second is guaranteed throwing later reach for lifted high and foul off the right field line this will go back out to play McCutchen moving laterally toward the foul line but he did not have a chance to get this one it was well back into the crowd still three two three balls two strikes shark why the right hander that's how he says his name short walk along with him driving three two page groundball to short that we get the tying run home Crawford's got it through the first in the third set out by Brenda Goh for the put out holding its second is for science and just to underscore the importance of crossing up the catcher on that first page what is a passed ball but that was a double play ball a perfectly hit double play ball it would've ended the inning the base is still been loaded.

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