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See the Boston Celtics with the crow paid Jalen Brown. Urban. This is what I thought about this is basketball baby Jimmy membre, Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers dog dog in the house Joe. Well, Ben Simmons know play you think he called out. Call Anthony towns in wig, wait till what he does. What y'all if you don't show up? You're gotta show. I'll see y'all Philly very very soon. All right. It's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best falls best networks. No contract. Ben heart suck. I can't. Even do the Stephen. I'm trying to imagine. If Steven was your was your mailman, and he just casually. Got a packet. You got a package heart sock. I'm telling you. It was postage already. It was early. It was. Out here working. Tell you what I do. I hate. I'm not gonna go Stephen a Smith. I'm Peter burns. I can't do that. He has been hard suck. This is the best week ever. But again, I hate that. I love this trade. This is everything that I hate about being a sports fan bin because this is a situation in which gyp Jimmy Butler has acted like an absolute idiot in Minnesota. In the way that he's acted the entire time. And guess what he gets what he wants in. It makes the seventy Sixers better, and it ends up making NBA even more interesting of the drama that it is. I hate that. I love this straight. It's the squeaky wheel gets degrees. And it's and it's problematic. I watched over the course of my my football career, you watch it all the time. The the guy that just goes to work and quietly produces never gets the contract that that diva gets and the post office worker that does our mail. We all to sit there and go. Well, listen, you're complaining we need to get it done. You're really good. You always deliver are male. But however, that's that's not the guy that we're going to remember. But the thing that I do remember is the greatest players the the guys that you would consider like almost kind of like that savant level skill with whatever trait. They had whether it be an offensive lineman or wide receiver usually they're wide receiver skill position type players they. They have their ornery. There's something to the species of being the best of the best of the best that you end up being an ode L Beckham type of oddity, you get to be Jimmy Butler type of oddity that these guys Peyton Manning's and Tom Brady's that are like an and drew Brees is these well-adjusted Cevantes are few and far between. So I get what you're saying. It it is it is what what message are we sending to the concept of team. Right. That listen, you go and call out your team and you play so badly, and you are so dysfunctional in that timber wolves locker room that they can't they can't do anything other than Terry you to a contender in the east that now you're kind of the keystone that has totally changed. The Vegas lines are changing as we speak now that Jimmy buckets has gone to the seventy Sixers seventy Sixers are trading forwards Robert Covington in Dario socket and jeered Bela's in a twenty twenty two second round pick for Butler. And forward Justin patents. Don't you? Like, the don't you? Like the fact that like as I read about this last night. I it was Jimmy Butler. It wasn't until I started doing my research this morning. There was another Justin Paton there is a whole nother guy. Don't you do do you want to be the other guy in the trade that nobody's talking about? Like. Oh, yeah. Justin hat and got right. There's thirteen people that care. The Justin patent traded are related to Justin Paton. The other two is probably his lawyer and his real estate. Win the Butler trade come through. You. Look there's Dario Covington Bela's and a second round pick four guys last night. I was like, wow. Wow. Four four four transactions for for Butler. But oh, wait Justin patent was a part of it too. So should just be calling it the Justin patent trade. It'd be like, oh, by the way, the seventy Sixers also guy Butler in the whole deal. The thing is listen. It does make the east more interesting. Right. That is straight talk seriously. Because now it I never felt as good as Boston was. I never felt like they were team that could contend with the warriors and the other side. And that's as simple as it is, right. Even Toronto with Kawhi in the trade with the Spurs or in him going there. I never felt like this team was there even with the Greek frequency on us going in Milwaukee. I never felt like this is a team that could compete with the warriors the seventy Sixers or that fun team. Embiid. He has decided Simmons can stretch the four little bit. And you get hell he could run point if he wants to and now Butler been able to put up the. The points. He's gotten better and better every single year. But the thing that I like about it is that they play he plays defense. And guess what he has that little chip on the shoulder mentality that I think you almost have to have if you're going to try to make a run to the Golden State Warriors later in the season. But is he too abrasive? That's the thing is is if I'm walking in there. If I'm in that locker room, and he comes in, you know, his reputation precedes him. And it's and it's unique in basketball. It's just kind of like, yeah. This is what I am. I'm good enough that I can be whatever I wanna be. I don't have to step back or or or tone down who I am. Because my talent is so good certain teams need that. Right. Certainly the. That's right. That's a dangerous game. Steve Smith was a team mate of mine. He was the wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers light. He was one of those guys. I am who I am you deal with it or not? And he was so good that we dealt with it. But once it became a problem when Cam Newton came in guess what? The Carolina Panthers ended up releasing him. And he goes to play for the Baltimore Ravens. So there is a limit to the ordinariness that you will the teams will allow obviously he's got full reign right now because he's coming in fresh. He's know. Greatest of all time list. It was Michael Jordan not seeing the Jimmy Jimmy Butler is Michael Jordan. But Michael Jordan was one of those guys that wanted to rip your face off in practice. It would hold you accountable every single day. And I almost feel like Embiid scuttled like the fun goofy guy on Twitter. Ben Simmons is sitting there data Kardashian on and off like needed some guy to be like. All right. This is it. This is my now radicals that guy JJ Redick was that guy. Like, he was the guy like a straighten that boys like, you know, I got sleep. Listen, JJ Ruddock's, the gang leader of of my posse. Okay. Does he work in red dead, redemption, which is a video game? So I can't I can't be like, oh, man. JJ rettig. I tell you what when JJ Redick talks people. Listen, he's not e f Hutton of NBA basketball. Okay. Yeah. But you look at the starting five they've got now with Joe Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Jimmy bell, JJ Radic and Markelle full. That's a pretty top to bottom starting five. Listen, everybody's chasing, Golden State, and it doesn't match up to that. But you look at what else is out there. I mean, Boston is the other team in the east. You got that putting Jimmy Jimmy bell in their matches them up. Well with that Boston just ask who Jimmy bell. Please. Talking about Butler Jimmy Butler. Why do I keep saying I wrote that you were taking Raja bell? Two thousand three I've got all these notes. I wrote down bell. Listen, if if if the if the seventy Sixers. If they get it. Hold on. I don't know. What is this segment? Your Stephen A or his Jimmy bell Jimmy bell coming up. Coming up in twenty minutes. And by the way, we will get her one eight hundred flowers coming up at nine. How is that twenty minutes? We go to break guessing. Straight talk wireless. Hey, when I first came on I called I called let's see here. Aaron judge who plays for the Yankees. I kept calling him. Mike judge who think Mike you said is a writer for the Simpsons, right? No. You just need to stop talking. I don't think you've been right yet greatest dumpster fire the week ever. Heart sock. Thirty segment. Talk wireless, nationwide coverage of America's largest and most dependable four G L T networks while we tried to trade for Jimmy belly. Or on the show. We will get into our best best of the weekend and talk a little NFL with Levy on bell. Big news coming up, we'll discuss that as well too. He has been hard sock. I love you, brother. Upbeat. A person is the best week ever on ESPN radio. Ryan.

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